The Threat: Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda

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"The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion." - A fascist is one whose lust for money or power is combined with such an intensity of intolerance toward those of other races, parties, classes, religions, cultures,regions or nations as to make him ruthless in his use of deceit or violence to attain his ends.

  Flip Book: Alien Invasion - M Theory Time Storms

"When Mack asks the abductees why 'aliens' don't act directly to solve our environmental problems? He is told that the 'aliens' don't wish to incringe on our freedom of choice and also that they did attempt to give free energy technology to the government, but it was covered up as it eroded US hegemony of energy technology."

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Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda

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Planetary Invasion Force - A reason for Ecstasy?  Consciousness: The perfection of non-destructive charge distribution
Planetary Invasion Force - A reason for Ecstasy?

If you are like many 'skeptics,' which is to say if you have a narrow and closed mind, are riddled with prejudices, and are a fanatical believer in the 'truths' you were indoctrinated with during your childhood, skip this book.

It isn't for you. Scorn is cheap, and you would gain nothing by reading it.

If, on the other hand, you have an open mind, and one strong enough to contemplate the most horrifying news ever brought to mankind, you should certainly read it, but not perhaps before bracing yourself for the worst.

Jacobs is a highly qualified academic who has spent much of his life investigating the UFO phenomenon, and his book is based on over seven hundred hypnotic-regression interviews, extracts from many of which are cited in this well-written and thoroughly researched study. He is a brave man and writes with authority.

We should be grateful to him, although the picture he has slowly pieced together from these varied voices is terrifying.

It isn't easy to create natural dialogue, to create the feel of a real person speaking, to summon up the image of a vivid and believable man, woman, or child in just a few lines.

Only the very greatest writers can do this. And this is what frightens me. I sincerely hope that Professor Jacobs, besides being a scholar, is also a literary genius, a fraud, and deluded, though I fear he isn't any of these.

I fear that these voices, as he claims, came right off the tapes.

As one trained in literary analysis, what impresses me most about this book is the wide range of utterly believable individual voices we are given, voices of many different persons who are evidently sincere.

In these interviews we see them struggling to come to terms with the abductee experience, and trying to describe what they saw, heard, and felt as well as they can. They deserve our gratitude and our sympathy, and one feels disgusted that the official world offers them no support at all.

Some of these individuals are clearly intelligent and highly articulate; others appear none too bright and are poor speakers. But they are all real, and even those who have trouble expressing themselves manage to convey enough for us to see what they are trying to tell us. Only another Arthur Miller or Tennessee Williams could have made these voices up.

As for the news the abductees bring, it can be stated briefly.

The Aliens are here.

They have been here for some time.

They have made complete fools of us.

The Alien strategy consists of three stages: Gradual - Accelerated - Sudden.

They are delighted with their progress and are currently approaching the end of the accelerated stage, at the completion of which will occur - "The Change." One abductee reports: "This thing is going down a lot sooner than people think."

We do not know precisely what means the Aliens will employ to precipitate the global catastrophe that is to sweep most of us away, but one can imagine them thinking something like this: The Earth is a beautiful planet. Why leave it in the hands of greedy and primitive Earthlings whose economic machine is rapidly converting it into garbage?

It will be a relatively simple matter to divert a suitable- sized asteroid and have it slam into the Pacific. After which...

For the rest, and there's a lot more, you will have to read Jacobs. It's worse, much worse, than you can imagine. No-one could have imagined this.

But don't read this book if you ever want to sleep well again at night, or perhaps I should have said in the nights you have left...

Book @ Amazon: The Threat: Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda

Book @ Amazon:Passport to the Cosmos: Human Transformation and Alien Encounters

A good overview of the alien abduction phenomenon.

Mack's main conclusions are that the experience of abductees are not purely imagination, hysteria or hallucination.

The abductees are normally perfectly sane and come from every walk of life and they are not generally attention seekers who are jumping on a bandwagon.

The only physical evidence Mack has found are scars from alleged medical procedures during abductions and he notes that other investigators have found implants, although they are not found to be made of 'alien' material.

Mack doesn't use the label 'abductee' he prefers to use the term 'experiencer', because it is a more neutral term. He notes the similarity between the phenomenon and shamanic initiation.

In that the abductees who are most able to deal with the experience are those who face the terror of the powerlessness and pain involved in alleged medical procedures and transcend the fear.

Mack seems to think the 'aliens' (although he doesn't use that term either) are less extraterrestrial than interdimensional. Mack is probably the most intelligent investigator of the abduction phenomenon, he is a phd, pulitzer prize winner and is not afraid to investigate taboo areas, despite the flack he recieves from the scientific mainstream for doing so.

Most people assume the alien abduction phenomenon is not real, because any 'aliens' would not be able to change dimensions, break the light speed barrier or even travel close enough to light speed in order to get here or that we are alone in the universe.

There is also the assumption by many people that 'aliens' if they were here would land on the Whitehouse lawn and announce themselves. The equivalent of this could of already happened of course, any cover up could have been undertaken in the interests of 'national security', but this is just speculation. The main problem with the abduction phenomenon is the lack of physical evidence.

Although if 'aliens' wanted and were able to leave no physical evidence, that would not be any more unbelievable than the phenomenon happening in the first place.

It has been said that any great advancement in science is indistinguishable from magic and the ability of the 'aliens' could be described as magical.

A very common theme that the abductees recount is the 'aliens' communicating to them that the earth is becoming increasingly unstable due to environmental damage caused by humans. This is as good a reason as any for 'aliens' to interact with us.

When Mack asks the abductees why 'aliens' don't act directly to solve our environmental problems? He is told that the 'aliens' don't wish to incringe on our freedom of choice and also that they did attempt to give free energy technology to the government, but it was covered up as it eroded US hegemony of energy technology.

These two statements are contradictory, but Mack doesn't comment on this. There is a lot of scepticism surrounding the subject of alien abduction and that is understandable.

A lot of people tend to think that because we are top of the food chain and allegedly the most intelligent species on earth although we don't act like it a lot of the time; that it's not possible for other intelligent entities to be far in advance of us in intelligence, duration of their science and psychic development compared to our relatively young science and lack of interest in studying psychic development.

A lack of vision of what is possible is a sign of complacency, the same complacency that allows us to destroy our environment.

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