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Overcoming, Loving, Nurturing

Humanity is now entering into a stunning new Reality.
There are those who deny the opportunity.
There are those who understand, but do little,
And there will be those who will choose to live in a new profound way,
To go forward and prepare for the coming changes.

The following is an introductory self guided workshop for; Creating a lifestyle that nurtures and teaches the aspiring group. Its A short and conscise presentation, common utility used within this web site.
To Learn the basic techniques of developing quantum consciousness that nurtures a joyful lifestyle.

Increase awareness of quantum consciousness and the immortality dimensional Mind links.

To Learn and practice the Seven Sacred principles of interconnectedness for achieving Evolutionary Spiritual Knowledge.

We begin :
For someone whose mind and body have been stolen, the only thing that exists is unreality and the only thing that is real does not exist.
Deep Thoughts
Self Psychology

Take the time to learn of these concepts......

To Blue Globe Grokking Salon
Blue Globe Salon

Mother Earth
The Holographic Universe

2. Next, we Real eyes that the higher aspects are found in specially designed peaceful environments.
These special environments we must learn to design and build. In the Sonoran desert we create an environment that is both peaceful and energized with abundant chi energy.
We have designed the Grokking Page as a "learning Matrix" for guiding you in attaining the necessary wisdom for creating your own quantum mind environment. Use it wisely.

Coyote speaks to the Fire Circle

A coyote fire circle is a special environment that helps focus the mind upon the higher realms of consciousness, develops flow, and maintains a proper harmonic for possibly achieving the clearest insight into one’s connectedness to their highest Quantum Harmonics.

Its a place of Serenity,
Its a place of Psi-Harmonics

Its a place of natural harmony,
Which allows one to focus the Imaginal-MIND-Energy,
Allows one's Kieu-Mind to become Qualitized,
Allows serenity to fill ones essence,
Synchronicities to touch one's life,
To Blossom as a Human with Real Eyes.

When becoming Spirit in Bloom
Proper preparation is mandatory,
The evolving process is not necessarily free of stress or failure. The important thing here is to "allow" Hir nature to seed the soulular soil for germination to occur. Think and become a cosmic "soul" gardener.
Establish a “Living Foods” Diet to Nurture your soul, evolve your consciousness, become your future's future, begin to live as a Joyous being, embrace the Beauty and Wonder of our planet's nurturing

Elemental flow, its a natural state of mind, of being, and live your life collectively with others who synergistically induce The Energy of Hir-Self Blossom.

Self guidance first level.
3. A Tutorial will soon be presented, as a guide on how to create a fire circle reality for your Self, family and loved ones. and familiarized yourself with the harmonics of the elemental/labyrinth Links.

4. Next, let's look at the basic grokking preparations for entering into the more esoteric realm of creating synergistic opportunities in ones life.

5. Attaining esoteric knowledge means grokking wisdom, linking knowledge, which is understood and utilitized by fire circle ceremony. Becoming initiates. An initiate is an individual or individuals who have experienced that "Reality" which allowes the synergy of knowledge to come forth. This experience is, and often expresses Hir self on many different levels of consciousness

The Coyote Fire Circle nourishes our Real Eyes, we grok the seven ways of learning. We develop the seven level structure for our/your specific Life’s techniques.
Learning in this way has proven that it is the very best architecture for grokking. I'll explain much more of this seven layered grokking process as we expand into other techniques.

To know
What a magical ability for us humans.
And to learn to know the unknown is of course our present unfolding age of knowledge, understanding, and grokking.
The third millennia will be a time when the doubling of our knowledge will occur not every 36 years but every 24 hours!
Sounds mind boggling, doesn't it?
But if true, if we maintain our present course of knowledge expansion we will soon enter into the Zero point field of consciousness. ( this is a “way” of grokking the Process)
At this point of hyper-cognition our genetic code will morph our physical being into a new Aeon, our emergence into the 21st century; the age of Quantum Consciousness.

How is Quantum Mind 2012 birthing?

The process of spiritual evolutionary knowledge is taken hold upon the whole of our solar system.
Hopefully, humanity’s birthright as celestial entities well be Grokked to the fullest extent.
No one really knows what this new Aeon will bring forth to humanity and to the totality of all the species living upon our sacred, nurturing planet.
The most profound change will be a in our ability to grok the unknowable To live, To think and To Be is a new way. These new senses will create the most basic fundamental shift within our consciousness and physical being.
We will then enter into a difficult paradox. A new realm of learning and knowing and utility that will be so impacting as to actually change our genetic code.

Thankfully there is a way to learn and to know, to grok the idea that our future's future is coming toward us. Its our living, breathing time machine now operating just beyond the Vale of conscious reality. Its such a wonderous Grok to get it....And nothing much happens. Except of course that one is now operating as a quantum synergy Being “seeing” Hir presence.
Nothing Happens, and Everything Happens for Everyone Everywhere!...Grok?

OK, so how do we collectivly manage to know this new found Quality of awareness?
How does it present Hir-self?

Here is an example: The Third Eye
Note : "There are many other Types of Communities, many different expressions of the Blossoms of Joy consciousness..."

So, How do we cast off allusion, self deception, doubt and fearful reptilian mind junk?

Well, lets look at it from the level of the joyful heart, where creativity takes place. This is where we as humans build our foundational structures for creativity, Where the chalice of synergistic Joyous “Flow” is filled.
This is the realm where, if you come to knowledge of one thing
you gain access to the knowledge of all kinds of interrelated things.
6. We enter into The Flow
It is here where we address the quantum mind of all things. For it is here where "being" is necessary, where you're "being", your grokking is necessary for you to know yourself and "connection" to the ALL.
You encounter yourself in a new way, you surround yourself with your beingness of attention. You are so consumed by this deep perspective and understand it all at once; You drink it.
This is the "long wave" way of knowing, as opposed to atomized, piecemeal, fractionated dissections of knowing. The short waves of perception.

To enter the fire circle, one “drinks” Hir-Reality

Living in our modern paradigm, we learn of one's expanding reality and utilitize the reality fabric around us with our machines, our tools, and our insightful intuition.
In the near future, our technology will Micro-Quantize reality. And from that new quantum mind platform we will change reality with synergistically energized quantum mind thoughts of dimensional intentions......

Sounds pretty strange doesn't it?
Lots of confusion and denial is generated in the old cranium...ey?

Well, take it easy, learn the art of Grokking, of esoteric learning and utilitize the resulting synchronicities.
Take easy, small steps at first. This website is like a infinite portal, pick and choose will know what is for you.
Remember, a high quality, first step in esoteric learning is a joyous one, a deeply abiding, appreciating connection with everything, and this learning must be born from the womb of a sacred intention. There is no fooling the inner spirit..Realize your Real Eyes...ey? And all of Humanity becomes Intrained with your Zight! Quantum Real Eyes Synergism is Humanity’s future!

Lesson One: Write a 554 word self addressed letter to your self and explain the meaning of the following words.
Old stuff becoming new stuff so Hir can See the old stuff so Hir can "BE" new stuff.

Mail it, receive it, put it away and read it 30 days later.

Email us.
Tell us what new joyfull insights are gained. What new events are now "seen" with your new Grokking Real Eyes.
Happy Real Eyes Grokking to you!

In Jest or Folly,
In Illusion or Truth
All is Realized
By your Real Eyes

To be continued...Please email us to receive the updates and to receive the Free Grokking tutorial.

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