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Friend-Ship of Metta Minds:
Transforming The Abode of Soul

Here, there, Everywhere,
Now here, Is-Ness where?
Shape shifting Everywhere,
Till Will is Soul transformed, Graced, Nurtured and set free....Everywhere.
Till my Moon, Toad and Plasmic Phire
Swooooshing flames upon the spirit,
The Wild-Natured CrowsNToads
With psi-wings cutting through,
Talons at the ready,
They fly, Murders A-glow by moon lite Zight,

Grokking Blue Globe

Water Angels


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Turn Off TV
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Friend-Ship of Metta Minds:
Transforming The Abode of Soul

We are a "Bonded-Collective" of individuals who gather here to discuss the very diverse subject of Metta Mind Power Intending, focused on Spiritual, Personal and Global healing.
This is a Monarch Torturial
Like a puzzel that grows and rewards as you discover the METTA MIND: Grok ???
The "Work and School" focus is gathered from many sources; The moderators of this discussion group use the Grokking Real Eyes visions of the Intended-Mystic-Mind in their questing for solutions to the problems of advancing Humanity's global expansion of consciousness.
Start By learning about Consciousness studies and the wisdom of Quantum Mind.
Blessed ones, Dear I whisper to you that Patience, determination and courage are necessary for INTENDING your Metta-Mind...

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GROK ???
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Your collective comments are shown below, Just some *** or initials*** so we can reference..OK??.....OUR insights...
so we all can “see”

January 10 2003:
please continue “Eyes-Up” : Gold up very strong today...last night many folk had strong dreams of blood... Jan 11 tomorrow.....careful till 18th....17th most disturbing....they play with “to the day” war strategies...zombie-Newz events will set up farther serious activity against your freedoms, health and wellness...


Many of you are very concerned with the WAR fear.....lets discuss it, share more and i’ll post here...what are the simple ways we, as awake, highly developed Kieu of consciousness humans can flood the Aether with synergistic grokking wellness ? Shall we focus on the “work” ahead??? for next missive...

(POII) (Point of Intuitive Interest)

I have answered many of you personaly, and will continue to do best i can...cyberspace confuzers monitors not synergistic to scrubbed clean saged “mind”......Living “with” a Hir-vortex is prime POII

Note: To you who are receiving this collective sharing and you are not sharing i must ask if you are still out there, a simple Howdy will do...


****** cyber COMMENTS ******

Imagine a computer floating in space.

A computer which is so extraordinarily powerful and never seen before.

If we have never seen this computer before then we cannot know it's limits.

If we cannot know it's limits then it can be powerful enough to create an imaginary world with billions of individual people on it, each with their own consciousness.

If we cannot know it's limits then it could possibly make people believe in what it wants us to believe in and make us think something makes sense when in all actuality makes little if not any sense at all. Or maybe it is just powerful enough to hold you.

The only one who can think. And everything is like one big map and everywhere you go, that part of the map is lighted up (becomes active) with fake people just to play a sick game on you.

Why not Or maybe we are one.

One mind from a world we escaped by becoming insane with split personalities to come here and live as two individual people on this imaginary world.... "Earth"


Is Our Universe a Hologram?

The Holographic Universe

Recommended Books
Creativity Flow and the Psychology
of discovery and Invention

Comment: "Over the last fifteen years I have accumulated a virtual library of material on shamanism and psychology.
All I needed was three books, this being one of them.
I wish and hope a multitude will read and use the material in this book.
The other two books are,
The Way of The Shaman by Michael Harner,
and The Vision Seeker by John Lame Deer."

Journeying : Where Shamanism and Psychology Meet

The Way of The Shaman by Michael Harner

The Vision Seeker by John Lame Deer

Confirmation: The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us?

Iatromathematics: Medical Astrology

This pseudoscience investigates the energetic nature of a person and the reason and methods of treatment of diseases. It supposedly reveals and analyses the influence of energetic fields generated by the heavenly bodies on a so-called "Star body" of an individual (which is often called an energetic matrix by astrologists) and directs it in such a way so that it should not give negative results (disease), leading to a healthy life.

Medical Astrology book review


extra sleepy this am, went back to sleep and had dream.

Large mass of people were going to a place downtown/ club or art viewing- something posh, invite only. 5 people were not invited but forged their pass.

after everyone was in, and the show started i was wanting to get out and tried the door. the doors were locked.

all of them. no way out. followed path/hallway to what looked like a gymnasium locker room. led to a shower stall- maintenance men were mopping up.

they were old wrinkly black men with blue shirts. they felt "kind" and "good" and "the watchers" one commented that "never saw anyone want to leave before"- they had the look of one that knows what happens, sad too.

I turned to let my friends know about this, and i saw the shower stall again.

I had a premonition of something out of a gore flick. saw blood over the walls, streaks where people clawed at things...then blinking my eyes it was gone. in disbelief i go closer and see just a tad bit of blood by the drain in anotherwise totally clean shower.


Most folk not awake, aware and never wear the cosmic cloth of reality's embrace....grok?


I looked at the blue globe page..... I read your poem and also some of the War stuff.

After talking with you, the poem means more to me.

Is reality real? Shape shifting everywhere.

Is the moon, monkey and plasmic bear the 3 brains, 3 types of healing, 3 bodies?

All set free. Ready to fight the bad, hopefully unseen, and all the butterflies are free. Very nice.


Bravo on your poem insight, much more there, don't stop as soon as you get to first base...grok?


Ok, if I'm using my intuition correctly, I noticed the weather report on tv said next week is warming up, I'm printing my store newsletter and did something that caused it to just print one page.

It had the header, but all that is on the page other than that is "Upcoming Events" and it's bold and in the middle of the page.
I even printed it again, thinking it was a printer goof (and it wasn't the first page, it was on page 3).

I'm getting ready for the trip north. I'm leaving the 17th if all goes as planned.

My senses say, hurry up. Get ready for changes. It may concern the war. It's not too late, but there isn't much time. Get ready, get set, get situated. Do something! Things are happening really fast.

Is it more shifting? I'm not sure...

Am I close to what others feel? I still haven't read any more on your blue globe site yet.

Wow, incredible that's the same rainbow. I'm beginning to get it. I just need to recognize what I'm seeing on a conscous level.
I'll keep working on it.


I agree on the war info.
I think everyone, all of us who didn't realize - were naive or just didn't want to know, are becoming aware that horrible things will happen if war begins.


But how to stop it??!!
I would go to a peace march. I would not have even thought of it before 911. Are we waking up?
Is it too late?
No, its not too late, in fact, it is a perfect time to becoming an Awakened, Nurturing, Creative HU-Man

ALSO: One of the key insights into healing and protecting our Body, Mind, Spirit Selves, collectively, it to grok the Morphing structures(process:dan winter link here) of our present day business cycle.
Here is a clue for your Real Eyes:
"As those basic data interface issues are solved, he told, "the issue morphs itself and becomes one of, 'How do I create a common repository to document business processes -- and once I have that, do I have an execution platform to manage those processes?'"

See what I mean?? Change the word Business to "consciousness" now we begin to grok the processes of mapping the synergy of the KIEU-Quality of HIR-consciousness that we are achieving.
Right? and, doing so, we are better able to "notice" the synchronicities around your every moment...Provatance hir-self is always, in all ways Nurturing and protecting Hir-self....weeeeee simply need to know when to wwwwwarp and wwwwwweave...uuuuundulations, ggggggavitations, Ddddddancing into the Mmmmmist....GROK? :>) (sure you do! Relax, no doubt...remember..........)


WAR ... lets hope its not too late...the zombie fire is cooking human souls with dark-Light best kick your consciousness UP a notch... Grok? A Toast to tool! atta boy tool! ***

Much more info, but wanted to see how you all like this format?????


Its a small beginning....trying to get global consciousness focused on small POII (Point of Intuitive Interest)

Lets do careful tomorrow....(end comments:10/1/03)


In the right Time,
In the right Way,
With the right Measure.

Water Angels


This Missive brought to you by 777


Confusion is my name
And sanctimonious toady is the game,
I remain always the same
Though never remain in my name
Tizzy a path i&i smell of shame
Though not mine nor blame
It’s a battle for sure, tho not for the lame
Many disappear, many-mind collapsed, many tamed
A leash invisible, around their necks, they follow the unnamed
They listen with glee fearing the dammed
All are “sold” as live morsel nuggets by McAlien psi-command
Watch!! Out little nuggets, for you’re the feast of the dammed
Be you smart or cute, intelligen-cia or a retardy fox newz stupendo semper fi death command
RA RA , heart pounding, WAR WAR, KILL KILL till all the lemmings are maimed
Watch out delicious ones, for the main course is about to be served with your Soul contained.

Zombie Special of the Daze
Junk Brains discard your life now, you are a worthless morsel, trash your friends, hate your neighbors, hide your shame, spew blame, turn your back, little morsels, trash your destiny cheap!.... fox newz 666.666 Cents


A Grokking Telescope recipe

Find Three HU-yan’s
Take one HU-yan and spin Hir grokking,
With Aether Wisdom Tune the 2nd
Fold in the third HU Inn-two the couplet’s synergy
Mix with

Ghost Owl

Inn the right Time,
Inn the right way,
With the right Measure.

Use Grokking Mind to mix,

Take a heartfelt dash of friendship’s guidance,

Add the spice of Life, energized from your soulular Garden,

Add a tid bit of Nurture-Love from Mother Earth
And stir till destiny's wellness rises from the shell

Place in the sun, Om till zight returns
Cool in the delight of MoonLight Seek Waters
Spin the heart’s fractals
Drink StarLight
Drink Hir Ineffable Fire


A message from the Supreme Being.
"Oh, Please, "Forgive Us" this hapazard mess of cyber-ego-data; with hope, we intend to get better as we morph and make breakfast."

.....This dialogue continues....use links above: Email us for links to our ongoing Message Board & "Global AwakendNet" address


Monarch butterflys Everywhere at Mourning's

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Mediocre times produce the very worst that the world has to offer: Reagan, Bin Laden, Bush, Hussein, Sharon, and Blair. None but the feeble minded could draw inspiration from such a ghastly lineup of "leaders".

Turn Off TV and Turn On Quantum Mind

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