Sonoran Sunsets Free Desktop Theme

Sunsets Our theme is Free-ware

Our Sonoran Sunsets theme contains
wallpaper, icons, sounds, and startup/shutdown screens.

We welcome you to Please download
our new Sonoran Sunsets desktop theme for PC's.

You may share this theme with others
provided you do not remove the readme.txt file.

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Sonoran Sunset Theme
Directions for installing the Sonoran Sunsets Theme:

1 Download our Sonoran Sunset Theme (Zip file size: 1.76 MB).

2 Run a decompression program to open the Zip file. We recommend WinZip.
If you do not have a decompression program you can download a free one here : Winzip

3 Unzip all the files into your Theme file directory.
The Theme File directory is usually located in the Program Files in a folder called "Plus!".
For Instance:       c:\program files\plus!\themes

4 Right click on your desktop and click on "Active Desktop", then "Customize my Desktop".
Then click on the themes tab and choose your sunset theme from the drop down menu.
If the theme is not found in the drop down menu, click the browse button and select the theme from your file.

IF : You have a theme file installer - Microsoft Plus! or any other theme file installer -
run the theme file installer program and select 'Other' from the theme selection box.

IF : You do not have Microsoft Plus! theme installer you can download an alternative here and follow their directions for installation.

Voila! Sunset inspiration on your desktop! Enjoy!

If you have any questions or comments write to us at:
We will respond to your request promptly.

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