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Extraordinary and unprecedented Massive FAILURE
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UPDATE: OIL FOR BLOOD: 2005: The Year of the Dead.

George Bush, the Burning Bush, Pharaoh, & Seeds of Change
Addressing global militarism & world empire
by Rabbi Arthur Waskow

There is micro-torture, and there is macro-torture.

Micro-torture is what the Army and CIA do to individual prisoners whom they sometimes murder in the process.


Macro-torture is also vile. It is what the President and his cabal do to the whole American and Iraqi peoples and the world, when they --burn whole cities,

send to their deaths 2,000 of our own young men and women, maim another 15,000 with lost arms, legs, genitals, eyes, and souls, and kill untold tens of thousands of Iraqis; scorch the air with carbon dioxide that is shattering the planet's climate,choke the air with particulates that torture children with asthma …

Why? How?

Perhaps the greatest archetypal tale in all of human culture about addiction to top-down, unaccountable power is the story of Pharaoh in the Book of Exodus.

Now, today, we are seeing this tale lived out before our own eyes. The present government of the United States has become so addicted to its own power, so swept away by its own arrogance, that it is playing out the tale of Pharaoh.

And the US government is not alone: the present government of Iran is talking like Pharaoh; Al Qaeda acts like a mini-Pharaoh.

Pharaoh begins by hardening his own heart to the plight of the poor and powerless, and after a series of disasters (the "plagues") brought on by his own arrogance, his addiction takes over.

God – read "Reality" – takes over, and from then on it is God Who hardens his heart.

What is this like? -- Use heroin once, twice, thrice – and you are making a free choice. But at some point the addiction takes over, Reality takes over, God takes over. Now it is the heroin that is doing you, not you doing heroin.

If you choose hard-heartedness so long you get addicted to it, at some point you are no longer choosing: God, Reality, is hardening your heart.

And arrogance is not only a moral and spiritual malady. It breeds stupidity. For those who are utterly convinced of their own absolute rightness cannot hear the warnings of others, cannot pay attention to the signals from the world around them.

Even when Pharaoh's own advisers shriek at him, "You are destroying Egypt!" he can no longer turn back.

Pharaoh has so addicted himself to his own uncontrollable power that he can no longer make a free choice. Unfortunately, when people who have great power insulate themselves in arrogance, the disasters they create do not wound only themselves. They wound the whole society.

Today, the Presidential cabal that –

• chose to ignore all the evidence that Al Qaeda was preparing a major strike inside the US,

• chose to ignore warnings of plans for a airliner hijacking,

• chose to ignore scientists' warnings about the onrushing climate crisis of global scorching,

• chose to ignore all the warnings that an invasion of Iraq would mire the US in a disastrous and unending occupation,

• deliberately chose to ignore all the evidence that Saddam was a toothless tiger with no mass-destruction weapons, and chose to invent evidence that he did,

• chose to punish honest officials who questioned these falsities by firing some (including leading generals and experts on terrorism) and trying to smear and humiliate and even endanger the families of others;

• chose to ignore warnings of hurricane disaster in New Orleans and chose to ignore the plight of hundreds of thousands of people who could not evacuate the city,

• chose as Attorney-General an advocate of the Presidential power to order the use of torture despite US and international law, and as Chief Justice a supporter of tyrannical power over prisoners;

• chose to become an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court a personal crony whose only "qualification" was obeisance to Presidential power (including the power to torture);

• continues choosing to ignore the health and educational needs of Americans in order to funnel obscene amounts of money to those already rich.

That Presidential cabal has become addicted to its own power.

Some of the results of this arrogance have been enormous disasters; some have been debacles.

Given this whole pattern, every rejection of top-down, unaccountable, arrogant Presidential power is good. So I am glad that the Meirs nomination failed.

BUT -- by far the most important rejections of top-down Presidential arrogance are those that name the danger.

That is what happened at the Burning Bush, when God spoke to Moses about Pharaoh's vile attacks upon workers, slaves, children, immigrants.

And by that standard, the liberals who kept their mouths shut about the Meirs confirmation failed. They failed to help build a movement to end this Pharaoh-like pattern of top-down unaccountable power.

Does the centralization of top-down, arrogant power reach any further than the Presidential cabal?

Yes. The Presidential cabal is closely connected with the most powerful institutional complex in the world, one that has substituted its own greed, power, and wealth for the well-being of the American people, the human race, and the planet.

Big Oil.

The present US government went to war, killing 2,000 Americans and many more Iraqis, partly for control of oil.

Katrina's ferocity owed a great deal to the global scorching that heated the Gulf beyond all historical records. And much of that scorching came from the over-use of oil. An entire city lost, thousands dead,many more homeless. Partly for oil.

People die – and Big Oil makes the highest profits in world history.

In the next months, we will be focusing a great deal of our attention on Big Oil.

We urge you to check out the "Beyond Oil" section of our website by clicking at --

So my question is directed to the people — How do we stop that power-addict who is now in power, before he ruins us all?

november 2005: UPDATE

The Rainbow People feeding the people

WAVELAND, Miss.—One of the great ironies in the landscape of Katrina recovery efforts is the success of the New Waveland Café. It is, in fact, a soup kitchen, and for parts of the last eight weeks, it has served as many as 4,000 meals a day. It is still doling out 1,500 to 2,000 meals a day.

It is remarkable as much in its atmosphere as in its volume. Imagine being asked, after standing in line for dinner at a relief center, having lost your home: “Would you like walnut vinaigrette with your salad?”

This is the world of the Rainbow Family, and friends. The Rainbow people are the latest generation of hippies, and to hear them describe their set-up -- which can’t be described as a structure -- you might not predict efficiency.

“Our group is non-political, non-religious, non-organization or hierarchical,” says (non) spokesman Aaron Funk. “We make decisions as a group in a council through a consensus process. There are no official leaders. We all represent the circle at any time.”

There are tie-dyed T-shirts and dogs with bandanas. There are bands playing every few days. It doesn’t feel like the prime spot for hurricane relief.

And yet, local people line up here, day after day, and will tell you that it is certainly one of, if not the best, meal in town. There’s grilled pork, curried veggies and Basmati rice; most of the foods are organic. It works, and what is amazing about that is this: They’ve never done this before.

Top-notch meals

According to Funk, the alternative groups, linked through the Internet and through spiritual-social gatherings like the annual Burning Man festival in Nevada and the worldwide mass peace meditation that the Rainbow Family stages every July 4, ended up producing this effort. Funk lived in Berkeley, Calif., and was in contact with Colvis Siemon, who works at Organic Valley, of Viroqua, Wis. The two of them were in the initial group of about 10 people who arrived at the scene of the disaster about 10 days after Katrina hit. Organic Valley donated kitchen equipment, and later, a steady supply of food.

“It took us three or four days to realize we had to get here,” he says. But getting into the disaster zone was complicated, and took several more days. “Unfortunately, it was very confusing, and I don’t think anyone knew what to do,” says Funk. They had a mobile kitchen with capacity to feed 5,000 a day, but they got caught in a web of approvals, as one department handed off to another for a decision. “We end up calling 20 different numbers and nobody had an answer, so we showed up.”

They met up with another group, one of the first on the ground here, Bastrop Christian Outreach Center (BCOC), based in Bastrop, Texas. It was a match made in heaven, and hardship. Bastrop soon handed over the meal service function to Rainbow, and began focusing on distribution of groceries and other necessities.

Resources continue to materialize, like a massive geodesic tent from Burning Man, which is used for the main meal site. At the same time, Rainbow people hooked up with all the people they needed. Organic Valley proves a semi-truck full of food every week, and other contributors like Sanderson Farms also send in goods.

Although several government organizations tried to shut down the operation in the early days, the relationship with the government agencies has been smoothed over.

“We now have placed a food order and received a shipment from the Emergency Operations Center,” says Siemon.

Anyone and everyone

As far as this group is concerned, anybody who has anything to offer the people suffering from Katrina is a potential partner.

“We’re working with any and all groups who come through here," says Funk. “We’re working Christian, non-Christian, FEMA, the National Guard … anyone and everyone.”

Meals are the basic service. But there is also first aid for those who need it, and a children’s art space, which sometimes also has psychiatric counselors. And going well above and beyond the call of duty, Rainbow people are offering courses that didn’t exist here, even before Katrina—salsa, waltz and tango.

Meantime, if that geodesic tent that houses the New Waveland Café looks familiar, it’s because it is used at Burning Man. Some of the producers of that event are here in the background.

But try to get any background on the Rainbow Family and the links that bind them together, and run up against a wall. Who are the members, and how many are there? All they know, says Funk, is that it every year, on July 4, people come out to join meditation gatherings in groups of 8,000 to 20,000. How many people are in the worldwide movement?

“No idea,” says Funk. ”It’s international, and its non-organization. It’s a friend-of-a-friend’s network."

Why it all came together to work at the New Waveland Café is equally mysterious. “There’s a huge amount of magic, and help,” says Siemon. “I don’t know how it worked.”


There are a few things that i would like to say about this. The Raibow people have managed to do more for these disaster victims then our supposed governmental agencies that are designed to provide relief in disasters. They are true movers and shakers! They have gained my respect, as well as those that they are serving. I watched them feed, clothe, and counsel these people, all with a smile on their faces and the purest of love for these victims. They are some of the most amazing people i have ever met in my life.

Additionally, i would like to state that the medical unit at the "New Waveland Cafe" is and had been providing a whole lot more then basic first aid. I served in the medical until from Oct 24 - Oct 31, 2005.(*****MSN - Please post the picture that you took inside the midical unit- or at least send it to me so i can share it with those of us in the picture*****) We averaged seeing nearly 50-75 patients per day. Yes minor first aid was provided, but minor surgical procedures were performed, preventative care, as well as seeing numerous sick patients who would otherwise would not have received care. We saw pateints that Hancock hospital turned away. We filled perscriptions of life saving medications that these people could not have obtained otherwise. All on donated medical supplies, and donated medical staff time. We shared our donated supplies to Hancock hospital when they were short on supplies.

A special thanks to Clovis, Jimmy, Monty, Doc Mark, Diana, Doc Sarah, Bridgette(CALM), and many others - you are all angels walking on earth, thank you all for allowing you hearts to be so open...............

Marion J Flores (Sent Nov 1, 2005 9:30:19 AM)

You the un-organization are just beautiful.

Ed, NYC (Sent Nov 1, 2005 9:58:42 AM)

I heard yesterday that this had been closed. I'm from Waveland, working in Houston & going home whenever possible. I have "dined" at the New Waveland Cafe & the food was excellent! The volunteers are cheerful & welcoming, & seem to be very organized. They are great!

Sandy Reese, Waveland, MS (Sent Nov 1, 2005 11:47:32 AM)

Wow! Way to go folks! Finally someone who is doing some good. I'm sure that your efforts have made a world of difference in the area. I commend you on your efforts to help the folks down there. Keep up the good work. If I want to donate some money to your group is there anyone I can talk to?

Richard Smith, Austin, Texas (Sent Nov 1, 2005 12:24:54 PM)

I was here volunteering the medical team from Burbank, CA in week eight of the disaster and saw this entire operation at work. Americans helping Americans--it was awesome and we hope to be back in six months to give send half of Hep A shots. Bless you all for your great work! Love you!

Linda Wright (Sent Nov 1, 2005 12:25:02 PM)


LJ (Sent Nov 1, 2005 12:38:26 PM)

Just to clearify- we offer more than first aid. For 6 weeks we have had a fully functional family medicine/urgent care clinic. Doctors come from all over and we've been seeing between 50-100 patients a day. It's all totally free with a lot of medicines and supplies donated from all over. Special kudos to Pfizer and International Aid for facilitating the donations of much needed medications.

Stone (Sent Nov 1, 2005 12:41:48 PM)

Amazing what people can do when they work together! Keep up the great work New Waveland Cafe! Best wishes, JoAnn Bush Los Angeles, CA

JoAnn Bush, Los Angeles, CA (Sent Nov 1, 2005 12:43:57 PM)

thank God for Rainbows of all descriptions, the Rainbow Family says it all!

Margaret, Raleigh, NC (Sent Nov 1, 2005 12:48:58 PM)

WOW!And people have always said that hippies are unorganized and lazy!Being from the pacific northwest,we have always known this not to be true,they have usually been some of the most organized groups to offer help in a time of crisis.Maybe George and buddies could use a little tye-dye in their lives! Keep up the good work Rainbow peoople!!!

mary,medford oregon (Sent Nov 1, 2005 1:28:00 PM)

I think it is great when we lay aside the titles and red tape and just become humans helping humans without looking to who gets the pat on the back! Hooray for the Rainbow Family.

Edwina, Durham NC (Sent Nov 1, 2005 1:32:56 PM)

Beautiful intentions produce beautiful results

cr (Sent Nov 1, 2005 1:33:22 PM)

There area many, many Rainbow people in the world, working in their communities, trying to make a difference, praying for world peace as they go . . . . .

swan, sarasota, florida (Sent Nov 1, 2005 1:42:37 PM)

The beauty of this movement proves anarchism is a functional alternative. We can provide for eachother in ways that no one group, no government organization or institution, can hope to help people. We don't need the government for assistance, we need the will of us all to recognize social justice and injustice. We can help eachother in times of crisis, and we can help eachother in times of peace and harmony. Join hands and join the movement.

Spike (Sent Nov 1, 2005 1:53:05 PM)

This makes me very proud and happy to see this kind of action by a group of people who have usualy been described as useless and either been laughed at or savaged by the right for their well intended effort to bring peace,harmony,and beauty to the world they live in. All my Love brothers and sisters

Cleve Littlefield (Sent Nov 1, 2005 2:10:49 PM)

cast a wide net find the commen thread let life flourish just keep it organic Welcome to the rainbow family a big family getting bigger Be back soon

Diamond Dave Whitaker

Diamond Dave Whitaker San Francisco Ca. (Sent Nov 1, 2005 2:54:39 PM)

I am thrilled to read of the great work that can happen when there is a will to do great things. I am truly amazed at the result a disorganized group can accomplish. Amazing that the military and government organizations couldn't pull together as quickly. If they had, the doctors on the Navy Ship Comfort may have actually been able to see patients< rather than twiddle their thumbs because they weren't liscenced to practice in Mississippi. with a few more rainbows and alot less beurocracy we may be able to fix a thing badly in need if repair, our country.

Gary Brown, Los Angeles, Ca. (Sent Nov 1, 2005 3:00:39 PM)

We want to work with you. call us soon!

SC Cares, Columbia, SC (Sent Nov 1, 2005 3:41:28 PM)

..I tip my hat to you all that have responded to the need as well..I may even forgive you for that incident back at Travis AFB Calif. in May 1969..when I was just a young Marine doing what was asked of me by my country..we that served our nation above all understand the concept of what it is like to want to live in a world with out war..You are all doing a fine job..Thank You and Keep it up..

Yankee PaPa..USA (Sent Nov 1, 2005 4:11:50 PM)

Way to go, Rainbow People. I love you all. Thanks so much from a transplanted MS Coast native.

T.M., Florence, SC (Sent Nov 1, 2005 4:22:41 PM)

Attorney Brian Michaels has been practice law in Eugene, Oregon for over a dozen years. He is licensed to practice in State, Federal & Supreme Courts. His practice focuses on criminal defense, constitutional law, Mass Gathering, and Land Use. Attorney Michaels, is associated with a group/gathering of the Rainbow Family ( Mid November, he is going to Waveland, MS & NO to work with this group serving Thanksgiving dinner and aiding relief work.. They are running New Waveland Café & N.O. Welcome Home Café ( His office has organized donations of supplies and money. Brian spoke to Stone and Arjay, October 31 and was told that all of the help/aid has moved out of the area. They are now the only place left serving hot meals and providing medical care to both relief workers and casualties al through donations. People’s hopes are dwindling and the holidays are happening please help out!

Welcome to Waveland, Mississippi, where a thirty foot wall of water and 150 mph winds have forever altered the physical and cultural landscape of this devastated gulf coast community. Located at Katrina Ground Zero, the New Waveland Cafe serves free hot meals and good vibes from the parking lot of Fred's Discount Store located at 790 US Rt. 90 to the good people of Waveland, MS, as they dig out of the rubble and rebuild their community.

Contact 259 East 5th Avenue Suite 300-D, BRIAN MICHAELS, Law Office contact: Sephra at 541-687-0020 Legal Assistant For Attorney Michaels

For information see the links below:

Law Office Of Attorney Brian Michaels, P.C., Eugene, Oregon (Sent Nov 1, 2005 4:41:24 PM)

You may call it an un-organization but it looks like it could teach FEMA the meaning of the term anyway.

Charlie Gee, Milford, CT (Sent Nov 1, 2005 4:49:53 PM)

Hi everybody,

I was at New Waveland Cafe for about 3 wks. Everyone was awesome, The Rainbow People, Dusty and Onyx Robin, Floppy, Pete and Faye, Goat and the others. Also, all the church grps and individuals who just came from all over. W/i 12 Hrs from arriving I had Goat' yellow tent sleeping bag and hot food and friends. What a great group!

Ed Walton P O Box 353 Miss State, MS 39762 (Sent Nov 1, 2005 5:55:39 PM)

un-organization?...i do not understand help someone and you will be helped in your time of need...did none of you fokes ever chase the dead? GO FOR IT RAINBOW we love ya!

andy,booneville ms. (Sent Nov 1, 2005 6:43:52 PM)

This is my home and I love it. If it hadn't been for the rainbow un-organization and others we would not have made it. If the government would take a few tips form people such as this we could be on our way to recovery by now.

Renee M. Aue Weaver (Sent Nov 1, 2005 6:51:58 PM)

I spent a week in October working at the distribution center next to the Waveland Cafe.

The Rainbow Family has provided much more support the local community with fewer resources than our federal government. FEMA should take notes.

This group has truly been a gift to the people of Waveland.

David Beitz, Burlington, KY (Sent Nov 1, 2005 7:23:40 PM)

Hi Everyone:

If it weren't for the total kindness of BCOC, Rainbow, Organic Valley, and other volunteers who made me feel welcome, I would have probably not stayed the 10 days or have thoughts of returning. I love them all and can't wait to return sometime this week. I am leaving tonight. Everyone got a long and I tell you, I have never seen an individual or group of people work so hard to help others. If trucks (sometimes 1 to 4 semis) pulled in at the same time - everyone would chipped in to unload; sometimes lasting way into the night or early morning; only to get up in the morning to do it all over again. I can't wait to get back because I heard that the place has grown and it makes me feel so good inside knowing that there is a wonderful place for the survivors to gather to forget their troubles. I heard about the play area for the children. Way to go ladies, I heard about your wonderful work. Clovis,there will be lemon pepper chicken spice. Arjay, Hawker, Arron and the rest of you, GROUP HUG when I get there. I am driving with God in the passenger seat. Twenty-four hours is worth it to return to my second home. The EMT tent at the time I was there saved lives. And now to read how it has grown into a clinic - WOW. Then there is the Tornado Lounge I have yet to mellow out in. Bringing candles to add to the atmosphere and an electric key board. I hear the entertainment is the best around helping to lift everyone's spirit which is so important. We all share the devastation and at times we become overwhelmed by it all. I am so proud of all (past and present)who are working hard to keep it all together. God Bless each and everyone of you. Love Gayle aka Mama Celeste

gayle korczyk, antioch, IL (Sent Nov 1, 2005 7:32:23 PM)

we the rainbow family are definitely everywhere!!! i am glad the rainbow family got some good press that is totally unimpeachable!!!

Aron Pieman Kay Brooklyn, NY (Sent Nov 1, 2005 8:30:05 PM)

My Blessings to you on this first day after Samhain. The veil was close and led me to you. Keep up the good work-I WILL be sending monies for the people I only can wish to know.

Christopher Silvia, Nevada City, CA (Sent Nov 1, 2005 10:33:36 PM)

It is a common belief that government will save America from the trials that mother nature brings. OBSERVE these are everyday people who are NOT senators, presidents, elected lawmakers or people who were assigned top notch positions due to their education or political alliance. Imagine what the Waveland Cafe model could perform to offset WAR. MEGA Thousands of KUDOS

Mateo Torres, Denver , Colorado (Sent Nov 1, 2005 11:31:24 PM)

This goes to show that too much time can be spent planning and not enough doing. But this group just did it, and the difference it made in the lives of these communities is astounding! I applaud everyone doing the work down there to help family and friends of those of us who can't (but want to) go. This also proves that the alternitive communities of the world, the Rainbow Families, the Wiccans and Druids, the Burning Man tribes, the Gays and Lesbians, all of us whom the mainstream have ridiculed for so long, really have an un-guessed at worth; that of hope, honesty, and true love for humanity. We are your neighbors and friends, we are your parents and children, we are your doctors, nurses, teachers, and armed forces. Know the love we have for you through our actions, not through the prejudices you have been taught. Thank you all for this great gift.

Rev Iris Crain, Olympia, WA (Sent Nov 1, 2005 11:56:35 PM)

A friend of mine and I have been to the Cafe several times to bring them food and supplies that are desperately needed, and the story of the Rainbows is something that no one would believe until you visit their operation and experience it for yourself. These kids are up at 7 am getting hot coffee and breakfast (yes, they serve three meals daily) and work non-stop through the day. All the kids sleep in tents or in the converted school buses they arrived in and take cold showers in a make shift facility and use port-o-lets for restrooms. The communal washing machine to clean their clothes is hot wired into the generator from the reefer converted into a bunk house with twenty or so beds inside to get a cool night sleep for a select few to escape the 90 degree heat and constant infestation of mosquitoes. They provide their own entertainment from improvised musical groups to fashion shows from clothes they have gathered from the donation pile in the parking lot next to the cafe. It is truly inspirational to see kids, mostly 19-25 years old, working unitl 10 or 11 o'clock each and every night preparing meals for the next day and having the time of their life in the worst conditions that that you cannot possibly imagine. They are known as the "Rainbows" by all the people in Waveland whose lives they have given hope when there was none, but I have seen them for what they truly are, Angel's that were sent from heaven, and Waveland MS was lucky enough to received its pot of gold.

Ted Foret (Sent Nov 2, 2005 8:28:55 AM)

From a old wore out hippie with my peace sign held high! BRAVO!!!

Patrick, Auburn, Alabama (Sent Nov 2, 2005 10:42:50 AM)

I think that this is just wonderful and I'm glad to hear that burners are taking it out to the rest of the world when it needs it the most everyone can learn a thing or two from this and spread it to someone else the world would be a better place for it.

Bubbles,Manteca,Ca (Sent Nov 2, 2005 10:49:44 AM)

It's great to see what can be made possible using compassion and optimism. Organic Valley and Sanderson Farms also deserve a "thank you". I know that I'll continue to buy Organic Valley, and keep an eye out for Sanderson Farms because of this.

km weymouth,ma (Sent Nov 2, 2005 10:57:19 AM)

What the New Waveland Cafe is doing is beyond words! But it isn't free. Where can funds be sent to support their heaven-sent efforts?

Rick - Yuma, AZ (Sent Nov 2, 2005 11:32:23 AM)

To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.

May God continue to bless you.

NMM, Brooklyn, NY (Sent Nov 2, 2005 11:42:18 AM)

Kudos to the Rainbow Family...on the otherhand...keep "plugging" away Attorney Brian Michaels...geeeesh...hmmmm...just a second...looking up "self-serving".

Bill, Durham, NC (Sent Nov 2, 2005 11:55:32 AM)

Having attended several gatherings myself in the past and working in the Rainbow kitchens, I know how effective they can be. Looks like some of the family has really found a calling. When my kids get a little older, I'm taking them to a gathering to show them how people can REALLY live. Blessed be and keep up the good fight

Bucky, New Rochelle, NY (Sent Nov 2, 2005 2:47:29 PM)

Perhaps a Category 4 hurricane should hit Washington D.C. and wipe away the red tape of our government. From my history and government classes, it is supposed to be government of the people, by the people and for the people. WAY TO GO Rainbow People!!! Don't let them stop you from your wonderful work. May Divine Blessings be yours forever and ever

Ann, WR, GA (Sent Nov 2, 2005 3:22:44 PM)

As a fourth year medical student I worked for 3 weeks at the New Wavelandand Medical Clinic and without a doubt, left Waveland as a better person. The rainbow people, all of the volunteers, and the local citizens are amazing, selfless people. God bless all of you. Miss you all very much. The memories I take will last a lifetime.

Nicole Grossenburg, Omaha, NE (Sent Nov 2, 2005 5:48:39 PM)

Reading this makes my heart sing. It shows me that there is something from my generation that was not lost. It also shows the continuing success of grassroots, common-sense, coming-without-being-asked help that far exceeds the ability or willingness of official voluteer or government organizations.

It is simply unbelieveable to hear of yet another instance from the Waveland area about volunteer organizations who had come to provide help that were attempted to be shut down by the government (a very similar situation to what happened when organizations came down to provide communications services to hospitals and other local infrastructure there).

Everywhere in the US, underneath the depressing blanket of government bureaucracy, still lies the heartbeat of an independent nation of empowered caring individuals.

Didn't know this blog was still up...keep going, because Katrina recovery on the MS Gulf Coast has a long way to go, and many are still without a home, winter is coming on, and it is a hard time for many.

And for the others from who posted, blessed be!

Margie, Twin Cities (Sent Nov 2, 2005 8:29:02 PM)

Thank You! I'll be back down to MS in a few weeks - I hope I can experience Waveland Cafe and volunteer some time. My family lost their home, mine is only damaged - but so much more has been lost. It also seems that much has been gained. I sincerely hope that the people of my area look at the Waveland Cafe group for WHO they are. Since moving to MS from the northeast I have seen a fair amount of narrow views of the world beyond our borders. Very conservative, Republican South. I would guess that most of these incredible people helping out in such an amazing way do not share many of the views of the locals. However, I hope it is a learning experience for all. Don't judge others by the way they dress, their religion, their personal choices in life. Those are not the things that matter. This group of people from all over the US, likely pretty liberal, has made the biggest difference to Waveland, BSL and beyond. I truly hope you can learn from this experience to accept all others - remember what the Rainbow group did for US when the government let us down.

lauri (Sent Nov 2, 2005 9:32:42 PM)

New donation account for Waveland (Submitted by rob on Tue, Oct 18 2005

A new bank account and address has been started for the New Waveland Cafe. Donations can go to:

The New Waveland Cafe PO Box 2631 Bay St Louis, MS 39521

Please make checks payable to "The New Waveland Cafe". These are being processed through a legit 501c, so all donations are tax deductable.


Diane Reynolds, Boston, MA (Sent Nov 3, 2005 10:21:10 AM)

In the words of John Prine "some humans ain't human".....but most are. Hats off to the Rainbow folks and all the generous people that acted selflessly in response to the needs of their humans.

Eddie Geeeee, Cheshire, CT (Sent Nov 3, 2005 12:21:14 PM)

There comes a time in a persons life that they feel the need to do for others...These people that have come from so many different walks of life, have shown pure unselfish giving...And has greatly inspired me and my husband...I was lucky enough to go and join these hard-working down to earth folks...The power and Inspiration that these people give to those around them is just incredible, and everyone that could ever experience this energy should...I have lived a pretty full life but there is a lesson to be learned that no words can convey, that has been created without intention...If we could all learn this lesson, the world would be a better place...I miss everyone so much, and wrapping everything up here feels like it's taking too long, but I shall return soon...And I hope that anyone who can should go and work in the kitchen...There are so many ways to help those hard working people even from home...But you wouldn't want to miss the Last Band Standing, the awsome 'Wailin' Wally and the Killer Whales', that comes and helps everyone wind down a few nights a week...I sure miss working my fingers to the bone with such wonderful people...From BCOC,and Organic Valley to the Rainbow family, the local police, and other groups that are helping make this happen...Let the world be a better place, and let it begin with me...

Momma KaBoom, Bloomington,In. (Sent Nov 3, 2005 2:24:26 PM)

It warms my heart to see my family (The Rainbow Family) helping those in need, for years, the Federal Government and the Forest Service has tried to shut down the gatherings, have harassed the Rainbow Family, and now we are working with them, at least in some scale or another. But be assured that when the Rainbow Family is at their next gathering, the harassment will begin once more. We strive to teach others how to pitch in, recycle, be kind to Mother Earth, and how to be Community. The New Waveland Cafe is an act of love and understanding, something the Federal Government could take lessons from, if they would only open their minds to change and common sense. My hat is off to all of you participating, so keep up the good work and good vibes.

papabear rainbow, Davenport, Iowa (Sent Nov 3, 2005 2:30:31 PM)

update:8 Sept, 1000 extra volunteers have been signed up. 1.1 million dollars has been donated by generous southern Arizona folk; 500 + evacuees have been helped

"Did the Dems learn nothing from 2004? Bush won because he had a double-digit lead on the question of who was going to keep us safer."

Bush won because the election was RIGGED!

Kerry won the popular vote as well as the electoral vote -- there are not two scientifically correct opinions about this.
That Kerry won them both can be easily verified.
Bush "WON" the election - Remember the 2004 voting scam, rift with criminal activity.
Bush won only if you swallow the propoganda whole, and for those who did believe the bushit lies, their xenophobic ignorance has murdered thousands of people in New Orleans, and 100,000 citizens in Iraq. IT MUST STOP!

Demanding an honest vote, with secure and acurate voting machines could have disallowed these dangerous people from running the government and our country and our american people into a sewer of FEAR, hate, injustice and massive debt. Do we want our future, our childrens future to be like this? Do we? TIME FOR CHANGE!

Please. The American people did NOT vote this monster and his cabal of sociopaths into office. Stop blaming the American people and start blaming the news media, Congress and the criminals that run the Republican party.

Don't feed off of the propaganda. DO become aware of what is being done "IN YOUR NAME" The American people must regain their Rebublic of United States.

The Emporer in Naked! INDEED!!!!!

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KATRINAGATEThe emperor has no clothes.
After an interminable week of silence on the administration's shockingly inept handling of the Katrina tragedy, Democratic leaders finally spoke out, with Harry Reid questioning whether the president's vacation hindered relief efforts and Nancy Pelosi labeling him "oblivious, in denial, dangerous."

8 September 2005 : FEMA FAILED and continues to do "A GOOD JOB" of Failing. Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant secretary of the treasury under Reagan, said "Americans are being brainwashed" by Bush and have been reduced to a mentality "like that of the brown shirts that followed Hitler.”

Village Voice News
The Village Voice: Whoopsi Gras
View List of Videos - Crooks and Liars
The latest national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, conducted Sept. 6-7 among 1,000 Americans, finds that the hurricane has had a profound psychological impact on the public. Fully 58% of respondents say they have felt depressed because of what’s happened in areas affected by the storm.

In recent years, this percentage is only surpassed by the 71% reporting depression in a survey taken just days the Sept. 11 attacks. But it is significantly greater than the percentage who reported feeling depressed in the opening days of the current war in Iraq. Half of those polled (50%) say they have felt angry because of what happened in areas hard hit by the hurricane.

But overall opinion on this measure obscures a substantial racial divide in reactions to the disaster – as many as 70% of African Americans say they have felt angry, compared with 46% of whites.
Blacks are twice as likely as whites to know people directly affected by the hurricane and are generally much more critical of the government’s response to the crisis.
Barbara Bushit chuckels and says "They are better off"
Comments about Hurricane Katrina victims by the mother of President George Bush have fuelled the ire of some Americans, who see the Bush family as out-of-touch patricians.

The refugees in Houston, Texas, were "underprivileged anyway" and life in the Astrodome sports arena is "working very well for them", former first lady Barbara Bush said in a radio interview.

"Almost everyone I've talked to says: 'We're going to move to Houston,' " Mrs Bush said late on Monday after visiting evacuees at the Astrodome with her husband, former president George Bush.

"What I'm hearing, which is sort of scary, is they all want to stay in Texas. Everyone is so overwhelmed by the hospitality," she said.

"And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this - this is working very well for them."

Her comments were aired on Marketplace, an American Public Radio show broadcast nationwide. They triggered a flood of negative messages on the Huffington Post, a popular left-leaning blog. "Cold hearted witch," read one of the more polite comments, signed by IowaDem. "No wonder her son remained on vacation, playing guitar and eating cake instead of seeing that aid and rescue operations were well-managed." Another writer found the comments hard to believe. "Did she really say that?" wrote 'Stephen.' "My God! What or who have we become?"

Meanwhile, "Katrinagate" fury has spread to US media.

"For God's sake, are you blind?" a woman shouted at Michael Brown, the head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). "You're patting each other on the back, while people here are dying."

The woman was not a victim of Hurricane Katrina. She was a reporter with US television network MSNBC who was so affected by the misery she had witnessed she could hold back no longer.

"Katrinagate" is the term being used by the media to describe the biggest challenge facing the political establishment in the US since the Watergate affair in the 1970s toppled Richard Nixon.

Not for decades has there been such merciless questioning of the President and his Administration by the US media.

Even now, as the rescue operation gets under way in earnest and the flood waters in New Orleans are starting to subside, the Federal Government's inadequate reaction - in the run-up to the hurricane and directly afterwards - is still being criticised by the media in reports that are anything but detached.

Never before, say some observers, have US reporters been so emotionally involved in a story to the point of being enraged. They are not just telling a story, they have become part of it.

"Has Katrina saved the US media?" asked BBC reporter Matt Wells, who sees the shift in tone as a potentially historic development.

A number of US journalists who cover federal politics, especially television presenters, had become part of the political establishment, said Wells.

"They live in the same suburbs, go to the same parties. Their television companies are owned by large conglomerates who contribute to election campaigns."

It's a "perfect recipe" for fearful, self-censoring reportage, he said, but added: "Since last week, that's all over."

But if the Bush Administration's reaction to Hurricane Katrina was slow, so too was the media's.

On Friday, reporters at the scene were still having difficulties establishing the scale of the disaster and the number of dead. Used to reporting on comparatively harmless storms, heroically riding out the storms with windblown hairdos, they were then confronted with the "Big One". The television reporters, particularly, were left scrambling in the first few hours of coverage as they tried to comprehend the scale of the disaster. Then came the emotion. A CNN reporter broke down as she described the cries of help of people stuck on rooftops in Louisiana. Other journalists also related what they saw in broken voices.

Then the federal officials rolled into town and the press conferences started, with politicians thanking one another for their tireless efforts.

Next came anger. "This isn't Iraq, this isn't Somalia, this is our home," one NBC television reporter shouted.

The usually stoic ABC television presenter Ted Koeppel lashed out at the FEMA head in a interview, when he could not give any details on the number of refugees waiting to be rescued from the Convention Centre.

"Don't you people ever look at television?" the veteran presenter raged. "Don't you ever hear the radio? We've been reporting on the crisis at the Convention Centre for a lot longer than just today."

A CNN journalist also attacked Brown. "How it is possible that we have better information than you? Why aren't supplies being dropped in [by plane]? In Banda Aceh, in Indonesia, they did it two days after the tsunami." Another CNN reporter interrupted Senator Mary Landrieu during an interview in which she was praising Congress for passing an emergency aid package.

"Excuse me Senator, I'm sorry for interrupting. I haven't heard anything about that, because I was busy these past four days seeing dead people on the street. And when I hear how one politician congratulating the others ... Yesterday there was a corpse on the street which had been eaten by rats because it had been there for 48 hours."

If the alarm bells are not already going off in the Oval Office, they should be, because the previously staunchly pro-Bush Fox News is also starting to show signs of disaffection.

As one of their reporters was being directed to another area because of the danger caused by looting, he spoke quickly into his microphone, saying: "These people are desperate. Why shouldn't they try to steal water and food from us?"

The NATION:Finally, we have discovered the roots of George W. Bush's "compassionate conservatism."
MANY thousands of people, wonderful loving individuals, died waiting for assistance that never came!
LISTEN TO (mp3 file):
This is goddam insane,I AM PISSED!!!
New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin lashes out at federal officials,
telling a local radio station
"they don't have a clue what's going on down here."

Quick Time Movie of Broussard: "We have been abandoned by our own country."
The tear-filled eyes of Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard as he was interviewed by Tim Russert on today's Meet the Press:

MAJOR UPDATES HERE: 9/7/2005; 9:30:24 AM.

Sept 5, 2005

Now, The military has been ordered to remove everyone for new Orleans, by force. they must remove all people from their homes. by force if necessary.

The huge Toxic swamp is deadly, as water drops extremely toxic then once it dries it dies off. Then the fires and looting begin, then ...????

Arizona is planning two trucks with drivers that will stay there with the vehicles, they are CB MOBLE connected, solar cell battery chargers and water filters and much food stuffs with baby infant food and much more.

Deepak Chopra: Love and Truth-Telling: How Is a Society Healed?
Sometime during the 2004 presidential election, I saw a Republican right-wing fundamentalist on TV--I don't remember his home state, but it was a red one-- saying, "As long as you godless liberals despise us, we will never go away."

In one sentence he stated the paradox of where we stand today and of a deeper division, which centers on social injustice. Social injustice is always present, but only at historic moments does it occupy center stage waving the banner of good.

When such a reversal happens, it is necessary for each of us to take up the cause of truth-telling. But truth-telling underpinned with hatred, contempt, and corrosive political motives can also become self-defeating.

It becomes its own kind of wrong, and the cause of good is crippled. Can we apply this observation to the current moment?

Social injustice has taken center stage. This, I think, is an article of truth that if taken seriously, leads to more than self-righteous anger. It calls upon that part in each of us that learned practical morality from Gandhi, George Orwell, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Mother Theresa and all the other truth-tellers who share one thing in common. None are alive today.

There is no void of angry criticism. That role is being filled very well, but wrong is sticky. It can pull you in when you think you are on the other side. Those of us who incessantly lambaste and demonize President Bush (as I too have done) who call him a fool and a knave, may feel like truth-tellers.

But we really aren't, not in the spirit of real truth-telling, which is always backed by love. We have all participated in a loveless pull toward social injustice in its present shape: Fundamentalists Christians have hijacked a religion of love and turned it toward bigotry, intolerance, and close-mindedness. In turn they are despised for their self-righteous avowal of social injustice.

Right-wing conservatives have made greed and selfishness into a virtue, and they pretend that neglecting the poor is no one's fault but the poor's. In turn they are despised for their blinkered negligence and cruelty.

Racists have made it respectable to consider black people a lower caste, heaping on their heads the onus for crime, drugs, lack of education, and unemployment. In turn they are despised by the people of color being treated that way. The current coalition that brought us to this point in history is based on these social wrongs, which have in common that a mask of goodness is worn to disguise the truth.

We have to be careful not to demonize one political party.

The former coalition that centered around FDR and the New Deal was a coalition of virtue by comparison, but it, too, could only rule by pandering to Southern Democrats, turning a blind eye to wrongs committed against black people until by the 1960s, idealism prevailed over neglect and collaboration. Having a coalition of virtue with feet of clay is very different from having a coalition of social injustice outright.

For the sake of fairness, it is important that we include other wrongs that truth telling cannot overlook: The national dependence on militarism, with its unchecked barbarity and ever-expanding arsenal of death, is a huge social evil. The mouthing of nationalistic rhetoric to excuse waging war overseas is a wrong closely linked to militarism. The denial of civil liberties to drug offenders, Muslims suspected of terrorism, and gays, is, each in its own way, a bald-faced injustice. That this country imprisons so many harmless drug-users and criminalizes nonviolent offenses is a wrong long overlooked.

If we agree that social injustice is occupying center stage and somehow has succeeded in calling itself good, the responsibility to tell the truth and keep telling it falls on each of us personally. But the second part, using truth with love, is something that bothers, annoys, outrages, frustrates, and even sickens many critics of the present situation. They feel that unlimited anger is justified.

They see no bottom to the calumny that wrongdoers deserve. In this, they share the values of those they despise. One only has to refer to an example of wrongdoing in the clergy, and the sickened response that endemic pedophilia causes. This seems like the starkest instance of evil wearing the mask of good.

"Evil" was the word one heard most often, even from the ethically cautious who try to avoid this all-condemning tag. Most people excoriated the guilty priests and demanded maximum punishment. The Church took the apparently amoral position that these offenders should atone before God--and take whatever time they need to do it coupled with getting therapy for their sickness. But aren't we caught between two views of morality here? In the religious view wrongful deeds are sins that can be atoned for and forgiven; the most moral attitude toward sinners is compassion.

This view, however faulty, depends upon love. The opposing civil view holds that sinners are criminals and should be punished with no consideration of forgiveness; the most moral attitude is even-handed justice under the law. Every great moral teacher has uttered some version of the Golden Rule, and so I ask myself: Would I want to be punished to the full extent of the law, without a chance of forgiveness, for every bad act I have committed? What if that act is gay sex or opposing a war or marching for civil rights?

Each is an emblem of evil in someone's eyes. I cannot see "sin," "evil," or "the law" being the final word on morality. (I know President Bush wants all looters in New Orleans punished to the full extent of the law, even those who robbed stores for desperately needed supplies, but the moral feeling toward such people would be compassion first, legal justice later. Even by that standard, justice for the totally dispossessed isn't the same as justice for members of the country club.)

At some point forgiveness on both sides, compassion and tolerance for all, and putting the shoe on the other foot have to come into play. Otherwise, we will be drawn deeper into social injustice for the very reason I heard that man say on TV: "As long as you despise us, we will never go away." It is not easy to rest easy with the commenters who throw up the smokescreen of "You expect me to love Hitler?", or who turn their scorn on the absurdity that love is the answer to social injustice.

One could expect sympathy from people who agree with what all this "in theory" but who wish to point out that in this hard world the only rebuke to evil is constant hostility and extreme force as needed.

Maybe there are theological twists we can't stomach, such as loving the sinner but hating the sin. I can only say that if you think love is a weak, foolish, naive answer to social wrongs, read any great spiritual teacher and see how many agree with you.


We now are looking down the barrel of 3 solar flares that emerged from the sun in the past 24 hours ... all will pump up the local solar capacitor in our vicinity of the solar system within the next 2 days

Additionally the solar magnetic fluctuations in the vicinity of earth have been wild and erratic and the kP index of solar magnetic disturbances has been off scale/our plasma geomagnetic field has been off scale in both the positive and minus directions and is oscillating wildly as I write this update we have long scale electrical alignments with both planets neptune and now uranus ...

this creates a volatile situation for earth weather as super thunderstorm cells roll off the west coast of africa and are entering the south atlantic ocean and are heading west towards the caribbean ...

with these solar conditions there is a severe possibility that a follow on storm could occur... this past week while everyone was concentrating on the aftermath of hurricane katrina, mainland china dealt with back to back typhoons ... also a group of himmicanes continues to move across canada as they have for the past month ...

HARPP! is someone playing with these storms also?

Did you know that tornadoes have been spotted, for the first time in history, that are spinning the wrong way?

Did you know that there are places in Mexico where the ground temperature is heating up in excess of 200 degrees?

Did you know that during a seven day period in early June there were 772 earthquakes recorded on the California-Nevada border near Mammoth Lake? (Gordon Michele Scallion and others are predicting a volcanic eruption there this summer.)

Did you know that on May 31st, the jet stream (an extremely fast wind current that flows through the upper atmosphere) touched ground for the first time in recorded history?

Did you know that all over North America, migratory birds have stopped returning to their nesting grounds?

And that salmon are no longer returning to their spawning grounds? And indigenous tribes throughout the world have stopped having children?

finally the public is waking up to who FEMA and their straw boss Home Land Security really are ...

their role was not to save New Orleans or the gulf coast residents ... their task was to depopulate the area along with ethnic cleansing ... the same issue that occurred in florida last year ... and i think this was just the first of numerous upcoming attacks on US cities ... orchestrated and carried out by the IMF CIA crew (these are your real terrorists)

... there is no doubt in my mind that the New Orleans levees were blasted out when it was clear that New Orleans had survived Katrina which was a completely manipulated storm ... i reported this as soon as the news came out that the levees went on tuesday morning

... there are now reports of people witnessing the levees explosions ...

FEMA and their thugs had all monday night to prepare and plan the flooding from all sides ...

FEMA certainly was not there to help the people ... as i said before ... there was no way all these levees blew out all at the same time completely inundating the city from all sides

... reminiscent of the demolition of the twin towers at 911

... the bushes, the clintons, the IMF and the world's big shots along with their merry band of mafia scum all have to go NOW !!! get a clue america ... its time to take your country back while there is still something left

... with the pattern that has emerged it would appear that chicago might be their next target with possibly a bio chem "terror" attack ...

with the maximum stress placed on the midwest and maximum ethnic cleansing

how can you help get this message out ?? tell the people in the news media to read this page and get their heads out of the sand ... they have failed the american public by catering to these corrupt politicians and their cronies ... they print what they are told to print ... in a free society the press has to be the front line and they have failed the public as much as any government agency ... how many of them even know that a hurricane can be manipulated ... something people who follow my work have known about for at least 10 years ...

how many of them have a clue who is really pulling the strings in this country ??? how many of them will stand up to their bosses under threat of being fired to tell the truth in the press and see that the top people in this country are removed from power ??? NOW !!!

... with the multi billion dollar news media in "the land of the free and the home of the brave" ...

why are tens of thousands of people coming to my little home page to try to get some semblance of the truth ???

what is wrong with this picture ??? !!!

even if the news media started getting a clue ... i am sure they would find a way to "blend" it and spin it so you would never recognize it by the time they got done with it ...


A few Messages received: all names have been removed for privacy.

Links to other Aid Groups:

***** As most of you know, my family has been hit hard by Katrina. A fellow employee of ours Andrew Gibson is headed to the area to help my family and others. Andrew will be picking up supplies on his way and I thought we could help by wiring him money.

If you could help in anyway it would be greatly appreciated. I will go over to Ralphs and wire him the money at 4pm today. Please pass the word if you know of anyone else that might want to help out.

Below is a message that I received via email from my Aunt in Mississippi.

Thanks so much.


It is too dangerous for us to try to get to the coast to help, plus we can't get gas. I need to know how to get in touch with your friends in Pascagoula that are willing to go to Paul and Leslie's house to try to get what is still in one piece out. Debris is head high, mud covers everything; but there is china, dishes, things up high in cabinets that could be salvaged. They would need boxes, tape and some place to keep whatever they can get out. They would need to get in touch with Ken so he could go with them. I would be afraid for them to go to Paul's house without Ken, because officially they have no business there if the police would come around.

We can't get gas, ice, water - It is just a mess.



Please send this Worldwide... the Rainbow Response Team, with folks like AAron Funk, Felipe, Diamond Dave, many others, hopefully, together with Seeds of Peace and Food Not Bombs, will be on a Site in Louisiana within the next couple of days...

Setting up Rainbow-style is being "authorized' as "legitimate" HELP...

A call is being made for anyone inthe area, and/or skilled, repeat skilled, availble people to come to this Site...

the SITE WILL BE ANNOUNCED WITHIN NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS... a massive effort, similar to putting together a Gathering for 50, 000 people will be undertaken by this RRT - Ainbow Response Team.. to put up a PEOPLE'S VILLAGE ...

obviously, persons wil have to make their own way to the area.. bring good, tools, positive vibes... etc...

please stand-by... get ready to go, those of you who can...

AND PLEASE FOLKS, PLEASE RALLY TO THIS CALL... Rainbow et. al. can/will make a real, good, positive contribution to helping folks get through the chaos... and prayers are welcome... a bank account, mailing address... rendezvous SITE will all be announced within next couple of days...


Information as of Sunday night, Sep 4, 9 p.m. on volunteering to help:If you are ready and willing to help, here are some places you can go to help:

In Baton Rouge:

Volunteers are asked to go to the LSU P-MAC Assembly Center on the LSU Campus. Very important: they WILL NOT be able to put you up, so it is a good idea to come in a vehicle you can sleep in, or bring a tent and sleeping bag.

In Covington:

People and supplies are needed in Covington at the Pine View Middle School, 28th Street.

Please contact Albert

for more details - I have heard that some kind of official permission may now be needed to get into Covington.

In Donaldsonville:

The 'Dream Center' Shelter is in desperate need of volunteers.

To help them, please contact the Dream Center in Los Angeles


UPdated info:

Or in louisiana call (it's mostly busy- but keep trying) 225-474-6688.

Here's a bird's eye view from inside the city of New Orleans:

Bywater evacuated at Gunpoint

By Andrea Garland of Get Your Act On and member, Green Party of Louisiana.

The entire city of New Orleans is under evacuation orders. I just spoke to my friend Daniel in the Bywater (9th ward). He reports that unmarked police vehicles (cadillacs) are driving through the neighborhood with SWAT team police armed with 'big black machine guns' telling people through bullhorns they are under orders to evacuate and must leave the city now.

People in that neighborhood are being told to go to the big pool on the corner of Lesseps and St. Claude (this is one block from my house) to be airlifted out, tho people are allowed to leave by their own means if they can.

He reports helicopters all over the place of all kinds - everything from large Army helicopters with guns to Red Cross helicopters - they are swooping down low in the neighborhood and 'buzzing' houses - he said one just flew low enough over him to blow shingles off the roof. He is starting to see National Guardsmen marching through the streets with guns to make sure people obey evacuation orders.

He wanted to get into a neighbor's house to save their dog that is locked up in there, but was told by a National Guardsman that unless he has keys to the house, if he tries to break the door in he will be shot on the spot.

He also reported that Dr. Bob, Bywater artist, was beaten by NOPD who thought he was a looter - they beat him up severely and took his weapons.

We are being forced out of our city, with no word as to if and when we will be allowed to return. We've been wondering what they would do after enough people were forced to die of starvation. Population reduction has been accomplished.

Here are the updates I was working on before this latest call from Daniel:

Yesterday I finally spoke with my best friend Daniel who stayed in New Orleans as he finally was able to make a call on his cell phone. He was calling from the upstairs of the house he lives in, sitting on the porch with an AK-47 in his lap. More details on that call to follow.

He just left me a message about 5 minutes ago telling me that there are cops driving around the neighborhood with bullhorns telling everyone that there is a mandatory evacuation and EVERYONE must go. There are helicopters all over the skies. He is not sure if they are just trying to scare people into leaving, or if they are serious, but he has found a ride and they are leaving the city.

We do not yet know how this will affect our plans to return to the city. We will be monitoring the situation as we drive towards New Orleans today and will assess our plans when we arrive in Baton Rouge, our first stop before heading into the city. If we are not able to gain access to the city - which we will still try to do - we will be assisting with relief efforts in Baton Rouge and Covington, where there are hundreds of thousands of refugees from New Orleans in desperate need of assistance.

Some important information:

Thanks to everyone for your generous donations of money and supplies. We wish we had the time to thank each and every one of you individually, but please know that we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, as do the people of New Orleans. Our government has failed us - or worse - but the people are stepping up. Please keep spreading the word and encouraging others to send donations - our relief efforts will be going on for weeks, if not months, and we will keep getting supplies and getting them to the places needed the most.

Some people have asked for a physical address to send money to, so here are two places you can do this. Our good friend Ward Reilly, who will act as our Baton Rouge liason and staging ground, can cash checks for us (we will not have access to bank machines in New Orleans to cash checks!). The best and easiest thing to do is send a check or money order made out to Ward Reilly and note on the check that it is for Get Your Act On.

Please send to:

Ward Reilly 645 Kimbo Drive Baton Rouge, LA 70808

Checks and money orders can also be sent to my sister in Philadelphia - they can cash checks for us and paypal us the money. So you can also send donations to:

Rachel Garland 824 South Fifth Street Philadelphia, PA 19147

We apologize for not having an official Get Your Act On! bank account set up, but, well, we weren't exactly able to plan ahead for this. If possible, we will have one sometime next week, but for now, please send snail mail donations to either of the places listed above or online via paypal at our site.

100% of all donations go directly and immediately to relief efforts where they are needed most.

People that are on their way to Louisiana to help or want to come down - right now we do not advise people to try to enter the city of New Orleans until we know better what the situation is, especially with the breaking news about the forced evacuations. However, there are hundreds and thousands of refugees in the areas around New Orleans, and there is a desperate need for help there.

We need to make it very clear that if you want to go to Louisiana to help, you must be prepared for hard and exhausting work. If you are not up to this, you will merely add to the already overwhelming problems. There is plenty of work to be done in other places - helping raise money - put on a fund raiser, hold a vigil or rally in solidarity, spread the word about what is really going on in New Orleans - all these efforts are just as important and crucial to what needs to be done as physically going down to help.


As I mentioned above, my friend Daniel Finnigan who also lives in the Bywater neighborhood, 9th Ward, of New Orleans was finally able to call me yesterday. He and a group of friends have been holed up in the top floor of the building he lives in, guarding the property with guns. As of yesterday, the people he was with had all left - he has his dog and our two cats (we were roommates for many years) and refuses to leave without them - and he has described himself as the now being the New Orleans SPCA so I have a feeling he has adopted a number of abandoned and lost animals in the area. When I asked him what he wanted us to bring him, he asked nothing for himself, but requested cat and dog food. That's my Daniel ;) You'll never meet a bigger animal lover.

Daniel says that in 6 days they have not seen or received any help. In 6 days they saw one policeman - flying through the neighborhood in a police car at 40 miles an hour. He reported that for the first two days after the storm, Wildlife and Fisheries were rescuing people from the flooded out lower 9th ward, blocks from my house and his house by boat - and just dropping the people off on the dry side of the levy, with no food or water or anywhere to go. He said that after two days the boats just stopped coming. He had no idea why until I explained the situation with the National Guard to him, and that the rescue boats were told to stand down and stop rescuing people. The people locked down in the city have no idea that supplies are sitting just outside the city and being turned away. The only reason they have food is they managed to gather what they could from friends' apartments, etc., but again, no one has come to help them or bring them food. Other than the people left stranded in the neighborhood, it has been completely abandoned by all official entities.

Here is a bit of heart breaking news. There is only one radio station people can receive in the city. Daniel said that people trapped in their attics in the lower 9th ward have been calling the station saying where they are and asking that some one come get them. But there is no one to come. Those that are not already dead are dying. Daniel estimates that there are easily some 40-50,000 people dead in their homes in the lower 9th ward. I can not imagine listening to this on the radio, knowing that these peoples pleas are falling on deaf ears. They have simply been left to die.

Daniel affirmed reports of people marching through the streets with guns, taking what they can out of sheer desperation, though he says that situation has largely calmed down. This is why he is sitting on his porch with an AK-47 - he ways if someone asks him for water he will give them water, but if they point a gun at him he will have to shoot them. He does not blame people for these actions - again, they are desperate and abandoned. Now, as with others we have had contact with in New Orleans, the people are afraid to leave their homes because of the National Guard, who have permission to shoot anyone on the spot.

There are many more small details Daniel relayed, but I do not have time for them all now. Just to say that he confirms reports we have received about supplies and relief not getting through. Apparently some assistance is starting to get into the city, but not to the poor neighborhoods.

OK, I have to go now - we need to get on the road towards New Orleans. We will be stopping in Baton Rouge where we will be meeting up with Daniel (they have found a car to get out of the city) and we will then assess the situation and take things from there. It looks more and more like we will not be able to enter the city without the extreme likelihood of being killed in the process. So we will regroup in Baton Rouge and start relief efforts with the refugees already there and the rest of the people being airlifted out of New Orleans. If we deem it at all possible, we will still try to enter the city of New Orleans, but we will not put ourselves in the position of being killed as then we can be of no help to anyone.

All these people will need places to go. Please start finding housing, campsites, etc. in your communities and forward any information to us.

Oh, I also received word that Bill Quigley from Voices in the Wilderness was last known to be trapped in Memorial hospital in New Orleans. I assume that those folks will now be airlifted out as well. If anyone hears from Bill, please let us know asap.






A few more points I'd make to like in the name of the C3 organization in New Orleans:

- no involvement by Halliburton, Kellogg, Brown and Root or any other contractor for which elected representatives have a financial interest, such as dirty Dirk Cheney

- full restoration of affordable housing for all residents of New Orleans as of midnight, August 29, 2005

- complete hearings on all aspects of this disaster, including sabotage of plans for Category 5 levees, repair of existing levees, total budgeting for all needed drainage projects for City being constructed by the Corps of Engineers

- cease removal of low income residents from any Section 8, or public housing unit, a full accounting of all residents displaced from St. Thomas Housing Project and all other projects

- full investigation of public subsidies for real estate developers including Press Kabacoff and Canazzaro and how those subsidies cut into funds not provided for needed social services for the poor, infirm, elderly, and disadvantaged

- full investigation of the role of the city's preservationists in the seizure of properties, arsons, murder, and other crimes

- demand that from the point that the state of emergency ends in the city, government will be conducted in such a way that it is transparent and accountable. Hearings on proposals for how that could be accomplished will be held and the best ideas passed into law by the City Council...and if they don't pass them, those ideas will be the issues for the coming elections....NO, those elections will NOT be cancelled...this disaster HAS to on the agenda for change.

Peace out - we must hit the road now and go see what is happening to our city and do our best to help save our people. Please keep sending donations and supplies, everyone has been so generous, but it is still but a drop in the bucket. We will post more info when we arrive in Baton Rouge.

With sorrow and a broken heart -

By Andrea Garland of Get Your Act On and member, Green Party of Louisiana.

The entire city of New Orleans is under evacuation orders. I just spoke to my friend Daniel in the Bywater (9th ward). He reports that unmarked police vehicles (cadillacs) are driving through the neighborhood with SWAT team police armed with 'big black machine guns' telling people through bullhorns they are under orders to evacuate and must leave the city now.

People in that neighborhood are being told to go to the big pool on the corner of Lesseps and St. Claude (this is one block from my house) to be airlifted out, tho people are allowed to leave by their own means if they can. He reports helicopters all over the place of all kinds - everything from large Army helicopters with guns to Red Cross helicopters - they are swooping down low in the neighborhood and 'buzzing' houses - he said one just flew low enough over him to blow shingles off the roof. He is starting to see National Guardsmen marching through the streets with guns to make sure people obey evacuation orders. He wanted to get into a neighbor's house to save their dog that is locked up in there, but was told by a National Guardsman that unless he has keys to the house, if he tries to break the door in he will be shot on the spot.

He also reported that Dr. Bob, Bywater artist, was beaten by NOPD who thought he was a looter - they beat him up severely and took his weapons.

We are being forced out of our city, with no word as to if and when we will be allowed to return. We've been wondering what they would do after enough people were forced to die of starvation. Population reduction has been accomplished.

Here are the updates I was working on before this latest call from Daniel:

Yesterday I finally spoke with my best friend Daniel who stayed in New Orleans as he finally was able to make a call on his cell phone. He was calling from the upstairs of the house he lives in, sitting on the porch with an AK-47 in his lap. More details on that call to follow.

He just left me a message about 5 minutes ago telling me that there are cops driving around the neighborhood with bullhorns telling everyone that there is a mandatory evacuation and EVERYONE must go. There are helicopters all over the skies. He is not sure if they are just trying to scare people into leaving, or if they are serious, but he has found a ride and they are leaving the city.

We do not yet know how this will affect our plans to return to the city. We will be monitoring the situation as we drive towards New Orleans today and will assess our plans when we arrive in Baton Rouge, our first stop before heading into the city. If we are not able to gain access to the city - which we will still try to do - we will be assisting with relief efforts in Baton Rouge and Covington, where there are hundreds of thousands of refugees from New Orleans in desperate need of assistance.

Some important information:

Thanks to everyone for your generous donations of money and supplies. We wish we had the time to thank each and every one of you individually, but please know that we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, as do the people of New Orleans. Our government has failed us - or worse - but the people are stepping up. Please keep spreading the word and encouraging others to send donations - our relief efforts will be going on for weeks, if not months, and we will keep getting supplies and getting them to the places needed the most.


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