Grokking Spiritual Knowledge

The Soul that rises with us,
Our Life's Star,
Rises from elsewhere,
And comes from Aeons past,
Not in entire forgetfulness,
And not in utter nakedness,
But trailing clouds of glory do we come
From Hir-Divine Nature, our Aum.

Flash Back: Remembering

Birthing is but a sleep and a forgetting

Inhanced synchronicities brings new opportunities,
Exciting new options,
New choices in our lives,
And a deeper abiding appreciation for the miracle of Life,
The sacredness of Consciousness
And being in the Now


You are invited to join with us as we continue to learn and evolve our Grokking-Eyes consciousness.

Knowing others is wisdom;
Knowing the self is enlightenment.

Your entry into the Grokking portal of knowledge allows us to share our Grokking Real-Eyes information with each other.
Hopefully, this will allow all of us an opportunity to learn and enhance our Mental and spiritual growth/wisdom with enjoyment and at our own pace.

Grokking The Flow
Take the first step, learn of these special concepts, apply These concepts to develop a deeper appreciation of the sacredness, beauty and Loving power of Grokking Intuitive consciousness.

Our intention for creating these pages is to share scientific, spiritual insights and personal knowledge gained through direct experience. These insights are given to you with the hope that "we" will be able to participate fully in the world changes that are upon us.

We believe that Humanity is evolving towards a new Self Identity, nurturing civilization which will embody the highest ideals of Peace, Harmony and Truth; though the coming Earth changes well be very difficult.
The primary focus towards achieving that end, will be both simple and advanced in nature.

Workshops and lectures include a strong concentration on Consciousness studies, The Transpersonal Paradigm, The Psychology of Monadal Self and all other modalities that tend to enhance our learning-discussion group.
We will add "Story Pathways" for you to follow. Each story, like a puzzle will allow you to Grok the conscious "Real Eyes" of a higher (Kieu) Q-uality of spiritual insights and perceptions, i.e. Shifting the "Paradigm of Being!"
With this new Quality of awareness one's life is often enormously enhanced with wondrous synchronicities, new connections with soulmates, new "power" individuals give guidance, and Providence becomes a persistent Time lord.

These times of war and fear must be balanced with a inner Joy and new knowledge of our inner powers to control and enhance our personal and collective spiritual evolutionary path.

Humanity is at a crossroads, Join with us as we Real Eyes our true Divine Consciousness Now!
As we follow the path of Kindliness and Nurturing for Everyone Everywhere:(The Grokking K.N.E.E. Family)

We are 4
Four we are, One Spirit, One Earth, One species, One individual.
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Grokking Consciousness:
Spiritual Knowledge can be communicated from one intellect to another,
but Grokking must birth within the Spirit of Hir-Self.
Grokking the Now!:    Grokking Hir-Divine Blessing      Wisdom is of Hir-Soul consciousness.


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