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American Shoes are a lot like the new Amerikkkans.
protect our freedoms

Designed by Fascist corporate standards & produced in china's sweat shops.
These ILL fitted shoes are displayed for all the world to see.
We see them walking through the malls, obese fearful ignorant shoes,
Searching for cheap, cheap, cheap!!

We see their outer fabric, coated with denial fear and self obsession.
The empty space within the shoe is now filled with corporate automatons.
Automatons who have lost all sense of running free.
Bounded by the tight ILL fit, the shoe tracks into the home the dirty Mud of "My stuff"
Obsession covers the Amerikkkan shoe’s soul.

If only Good shoes could be Made.
Good Shoes not designed by poisoned greedy minds.
Good Shoes designed from Nurturing, caring Minds.
Good Shoes made in Sacred Mind Time.

NOW, Black booted shoes spy upon ALL shoes.
Sending them to the shoe prisons if they start to act like Mind Time shoes.
Fear, greed and "My Stuff" rules as Amerikkkan shoes tread upon their life's journey.
Normal good shoes have become corporate shoes.
Normal mind time shoes are outlawed.
Americans Wear these corporate shoes every day,
Ignorant of the consequences,
Creating disease, ignorance, cowardness & economic hardships for all Americans.

Re-Create Your shoes NOW!

Homeland or Nation?

If we all were able to buy Mind Time shoes We would live, Love & protect our constitution,
We would all be different Humans
We would be Free, Healthy, Wise Hu-Myns

Citizens or Consumers?

But, for now, most people run around life’s journey with fascist shoes.
Hating out of fear
Hurting others with denial
Sending those nurturing, illegal mind time shoes
into isolation mind loops.

America or AmeriKKKa?

In the isolation created, we find the goodness of humanity.
Forever imprisoned by the fascist corporate shoes.
Captured in Forever mind.

America - The Land of the Free?

Will you Please help us free the good shoes? Free your self from all isolation mind Loops.
Live your Life’s journey in Mind Time. Be Brave!
Have courage!
Walk free upon the Earth.
Protect Hir
Nurture All
Feel the freedom once again.
Live everyday in Mind Time
Free Humanity from the cancer of War, Hate, Fear and Racial intolerance.


This skillfully woven and well-acted conversation, far from being a static talk-fest, has all the dynamism of a psychological thriller. Our intentions, like the particles at the heart of physics, can never be known for certain.


Mind Time Creates Consciousness

Where does our consciousness come from?
What about our thoughts and dreams?
How do our brains form internal pictures?

Thinking Neurons

Through a series of feedback loops, neurons are capable of forming the things that are difficult to fathom such as ideas, images, and the other results produced by the brain.

A feedback loop of another kind is created as your own neurons will be firing as they 'think' about neurons firing.

How does our mind view time and events.

Sometimes people claim to experience deja vu or prophecy. Immediately after something happens they claim that just prior to its occurrence they 'knew' or 'had a feeling' that it would take place.

Our memories, made up of series of ever changing neural firings, can be easily altered, confused, or otherwise distorted in relation to the objective events taking place in the 'outside' world.

"Scrambling of the original [neural] pattern may be said to take place in time as well as in space. Because of the different travel times of the signals as they go from one level to the next, time is distorted, earlier events may appear later, and vice versa. It may even be said that future events affect present neural activity, because the brain--joyfully or fearfully--anticipates, projects into, the future." P61 -- ERICH HARTH

"The Creative Loop: How the Brain Makes a Mind (Helix Books) (Paperback) by Erich Harth (Author)

The Creative Loop: How the Brain Makes a Mind

The brain is an ordered, determinate structure, much like a mathematical or musical system, with each component (neuron) somehow related to the performance of the whole (brain), in ways that, given enough technological know-how, can be decoded.

Erich Harth sets forth a provocative alternative model according to which simple neural mechanisms account for creativity and imagination.

Rejecting computer-based models of the brain as flawed, Syracuse physics professor Harth sets forth a provocative alternative model according to which simple neural mechanisms account for creativity and imagination.

If Harth ( Windows on the Mind ) is correct, the mental image of a rose or a rabbit occurs near the beginning of the sensory pathways, not in a higher "command center" of the brain.

In his model, the cerebral cortex creates these images using the thalamus as a "sketchpad" on which it projects the image and modifies it, drawing on previous sensory input. Similar "creative loops" exist for all the senses, combining to form a system of neural networks between the brain and the body that generates messages about the world.

Consciousness, in this view, wells up through a reactivation of images, and selfhood arises from a deliberately assembled self-image grounded in experience encoded as neural memory.

Based on the author's two decades of research, this elegantly written treatise will challenge neuroscientists, psychologists and students of the mind.

"This carefully documented and beautifully written book is a must read for everyone interested in what makes people tick." -- Stewart Wolf, M.D., Integrative Physiological and Behavioral Science

"This stimulating book addresses...intriguing questions about the nature of human beings and their relationship to the physical world.

This is a fascinating exploration of the nature of human consciousness, made all the more appealing by the author's pleasant writing style and engaging sense of humor. It is highly recommended." -- Fergus P. Hughes, Science Books and Films

The Creative Loop

In The Creative Loop, Erich Harth offers a persuasive theory that explains in detailed fashion how the brain creates the conscious self, the "I" that we all experience as separate from the "It" of the rest of the world.

Harth's approach takes us out of the old orthodox view which finds no place for freedom of will in its description of the brain, and merges the cold facts of neuroscience with our most human aspirations.

Erich Harth, Professor of Physics at Syracuse University, now retired, is the author of several books, including Windows on the Mind and Dawn of a Millennium.

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