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The Faked Moon Landings

  Flip Book: Alien Invasion - M Theory Time Storms.

A funny thing happened on the way to the Moon
It is a fact. Humankind has not stepped foot on the moon. End of story.
"Or their mode of propulsion and "Vehicle" was using a secret technology"

Proof of this is in my film.
This whole endeavor really pushes peoples' buttons when it comes to national pride.
That is why I open my controversial documentary with a Renaissance painting of the Tower of Babel and a Biblical quote,
"When pride comes, then comes disgrace." (Proverbs 11:2) Rivalry among nations began with which civilization could build the tallest building.
Sound familiar?
I then show the Titanic and the quote,
"The Ship that God Himself could not sink!" Finally, I quote Nixon referring to Apollo 11's landing on the moon as the greatest event since creation.
Director's Commentary

Mankind's fascination with the moon goes back to the beginning of time, stretching from folklore and myth to modern science and technology. Monuments and shrines have been built to it, Islamic calendars follow the lunar cycle, and many pagan rituals are based as well on its cycle.

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  The Faked Moon Landings
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The moon's effect on the Earth and its inhabitants has been greatly documented by everyone from scientists to law enforcement. The moon is 252,000 miles from Earth, its diameter is 2160 miles, its surface area is 23 million miles. The moon also has a very peculiar rotation, it spins on its axis perfectly in sync so from Earth we only see one side. So what happens when modern science is challenged by recently uncovered evidence which would stun society upon learning its potential secrets.

There is a growing group of researchers who have been vocal about inconsistencies with the information that NASA and our government have presented the public with regards to our moon and the Apollo missions. This controversy has lead some people to believe that we never even went to the moon who base their argument on questionable documentation and photographs provided to the public.

While other researchers, based on this evidence, paint a completely different picture contradicting the story originally told to the public about the moon. This information is highly controversial, but extremely compelling when examined closely.

People within the UFO community in recent years have been seeing documented evidence that has existed for over 30 years of anomalous lunar geography and activity above and below the surface of the moon. However, only within the past two years, the only thing that NASA has announced regarding new discoveries on the moon was the finding of possible "water ice" in very low concentrations spread across a number of craters.

Is there a bureaucracy at work within the space administration that governs when information on significant scientific discoveries is released to the general public? One incredible NASA photograph would indeed support the need to ask such a question. This picture taken in color during the 1968 Apollo 8 mission to the moon dramatically shows an extremely large body of water and vegetation on the far side. Out of over 100,000 photographs taken of that side during the Apollo missions, it was one of only very few was publicly released. Why?

Writer Jonathan Ray Spinney has spoken publicly about this and other extraordinary lunar aspects. While some have debated whether or not we went to the moon based on confusing data, Spinney concludes we did, in fact, go primarily because of the availability of archival photos the astronauts snapped themselves using film designed specifically for use in the vacuum of space. His research, made available from unorthodox scientists and extensive photo analysis, has led him to completely different conclusions about the moon from what the public has been told for decades.

Some of his more profound findings are that the moon is possible hollow and could be an artificial satellite. He contradicts NASA by stating that it actually has an estimated fifty percent of our gravity and not one-sixth. He also points out that there is an atmosphere of six pounds per square inch on the moon's lower elevations, which is adamantly denied by NASA.

His proof of this is a film, which does exist, taken during the 1969 Apollo 11 mission showing the American flag blowing erratically due to a very strong lunar wind. This should not be possible, he contends, without an atmosphere. Another discrepancy in the film shows how quickly the astronauts drop from the steps of the lunar lander to the moon's surface at a speed comparable to the kind governed by earth's gravity. As a result of these alleged visual flubs, NASA starched their flags from then on to prevent any movement, and slowed down and grey-toned the footage as well to help perpetuate the illusion of a lifeless planet.

Lifeless is the last word that Spinney would use for a planet, which, he says, has water, vegetation, minable metals, clouds, atmosphere, extremely rich soil and signs of bizarre activity above, on and below its surface.

Supporting his soil claims The Washington Daily News reported that plants grown in lunar soil are huskier and greener than sister plants grow in Earth soil. After digging further he discovered that as far back as 1870 the Royal Astronomical Society of Great Britain telescopically charted over 1,600 sightings of strange lunar lights with evidence of a lunar base stretching hundreds of miles. ET contactee George Adamski claims that there is activity and small cities on the moon.

After claiming to have seen the far side from an ET craft, Adamski published what he saw well before the first American probe landed on the moon in 1966. Furthermore, our government, Spinney continues, has known about extraterrestrial lunar activity such as mining, the appearance of domes, strange craft and blinking lights since the 1950's and even went so far as to create "off-limit" zones well before the Apollo programs.

Interestingly, many Apollo astronauts have publicly stated that they were under constant observation by UFOs while travelling to and from the moon. These same astronauts took thousands of pictures, some of which include anomalous craft flying in and out of the moon's surface, some stretching over twelve miles long each.

Maurice Chapman, former NASA engineer in charge of television communication, has written a book containing far reaching implications called "Our Ancestors Came From Space". He claims that NASA wanted to know if the moon was, in fact, hollow or artificial and that the hidden agenda behind the Apollo 13 mission was to detonate a nuclear bomb on the moon to determine its geographic infrastructure.

According to Chapman a UFO followed Apollo 13 to the moon and sabotaged it by literally causing the now famous malfunction before the astronauts could reach their destination. Could this have been an act of self defense by inhabitants of the moon? According to Daniel Ross, author of "UFO's and the Complete Evidence from Space", there are extraterrestrial living peacefully on the moon and want us off!

Another outspoken voice in the UFO community who has presented controversial moon information is former military Sergeant Major Robert O. Dean. Dean, who once had what is known as "Cosmic Top Secret" clearance at S.H.A.P.E. (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe) in the early to mid sixties, is one of very few individuals who risks standing on the front line of UFO disclosure because talking publicly breaks his national security oath.

His personal synthesis has led him to a Japanese contact who supplied him with NASA photographs of UFO activity around the moon, which were never made available to the American public. As a result of this find, Mr. Dean has expressed his disappointment in an institution, which by law is supposed to be completely accessible to and governed by U.S. citizens who paid for it with their tax dollars.

The photographs in question, taken by the Apollo 12, 13, 14 and 15 astronauts, were determined to be authentic because they possessed flight numbers, negative numbers and roll numbers consistent with Apollo space missions.The more startling photos showed enormous and segmented glowing objects flying above the moon's surface.

Consistent with its history of denial, NASA responded to one photo by saying that it was a reflection in the window of the spacecraft's own dials and buttons inside. This, however, could not explain photographs and film clearly showing anomalous objects in motion outside the Apollo spacecraft. NASA, when pressured, has even claimed that urine deposits ejected into space by the astronauts are most likely the culprits in these cases. In other instances NASA officials have declared that many misidentified sightings are ice particles and ejected fuel.

Dean and fellow researchers are not impressed with these responses. Another vocal former military officer who spoke out about the reality of extraterrestrial visitors is the late Colonel Phillip J. Corso. Colonel Corso, in his book "The Day After Roswell" and in an interview with late night radio personality Art Bell and UFO researcher Linda Moulton Howe, has discussed seeing top secret files in the early sixties, which contained blueprints and the need for a "Luna Base". This base, he stressed, was to be specifically constructed in response to the extraterrestrial presence in our solar system. The moon, he continued, was determined to be a perfect strategic outpost for the purpose of monitoring the alien activity that the military at the time had become so concerned about.

Even the Japanese have taking development on the moon seriously by spending millions on feasibility studies to develop lunar colonies. He claims, however, that he himself does not know for sure if such a lunar base was constructed. If it were built, would this explain some of the activity the Apollo astronauts documented? Our government has yet to respond to the claims made by Colonel Corso.

Another source of information is "We Discovered Alien Bases on the Moon", a book by Fred and Glenn Steckling, which covers much of Spinney's material, but its more in depth including further detailed photographic evidence. In the book there is a NASA picture (LO V No. 67-H-1135) of objects rolling along the lunar surface which enter and exit from craters.

The estimated size of these objects ranges from a few yards to 75 feet across. The NASA picture in question shows two objects rolling in nearly the same direction through the "Vitello" crater.

The book documents other anomalous activities that have been witnessed and photographed including: glowing (sometimes red) objects, flashes of light, patches of dust or mist, active volcanoes, geysers, earthquakes, curiously odd landscapes, domed and sharp edged structures. Some of the locations of the more astounding sightings have been observed in the Archimedes area, Mount Piton as well as craters Plato, Alphansus, Messier, Eudoxus and Romer.

It's difficult to get anymore leading-edge on moon research when you consider the diligence and tenacity of former NASA scientist Richard C. Hoagland. With over 30 years of scientific experience he has spearheaded many project including research into possible ancient artificial monuments on the moon.

These glass (or crystal) grid-like geometric structures, some stretching over a mile high from the lunar surface, are just one of many of his concerns within a much greater NASA/Moon cover-up. Using digital technology on extremely difficult to obtain NASA materials, he has uncovered his own exciting scientific data. Our moon holds incredible remains that could greatly assist mankind in learning more about its true origins and must be studied further.

His efforts, however, have often led to closed-doors within a system, he says, is fraught with a history of deception and denial. But these counter measures have not stopped Hoagland. One recent and quite amazing disclosure due to much of his working group's efforts is NASA's standpoint regarding the Hubble telescope's true capabilities. To his amazement, as well a being a shock to the planetary science community, NASA and the Space Telescope Science Institute recently released Hubble images of the moon after five years of telling the scientific community that it had not been capable of doing so.

After taking advantage of the now moon-friendly telescope, Hoagland was able to supplement his controversial research with images of anomalous craters and structures using a great tool apparently not meant for "outsiders". Several of those images are available on his website, He feels that this and other revelations are the product of conscious efforts by a group of NASA and JPL (Jet Propulsion Labs) insiders who are tiring of the secrecy and are prepared to tell all.

Is NASA suppressing important information on this subject? The debate over lunar data, showing geographic anomalies and UFO activity still continues to this date. The truth, it is said, is the first casualty of war.

Is, in fact, a war of knowledge being fought over some greater truth about our nearest neighbor in the solar system?

The stunning evidence now available to the public would clearly demonstrate that there is! If so, this particular truth is still hiding behind the proverbial enemy lines and is long overdue for a rescue mission.

August 2002: Update: Dark side of the moon landing

The stars . . . Isn't it strange that not one photo taken by Apollo 11 astronauts
on the moon's surface shows even a single star in the lunar sky?

The moon is airless, so why did the flag ripple?

Why didn't the lunar excursion module blast a crater into the surface when it landed?

If the sun was the only light source, why did the LEM's legs cast multiple shadows?

Questions, so many questions. To some, the only possible answer is
that the "moon landing" on July 20, 1969, was pure flimflam.

The millions who drank in the liftoff on their TV screens didn't realize the crew was pitched into Earth's orbit, circling for eight days while the public watched faked scenes from a movie shot by Stanley Kubrick on a huge set in Nevada, or perhaps California or Alabama or Canada.

Chosen for his skills in 2001, he was told to cooperate or his brother's Communist past would be exposed. The lips of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins were forever sealed with money--and fear.

Can the long list of astronauts and Apollo insiders who have died under suspicious circumstances be only coincidence?

For more than 25 years, moon-landing disbelievers have been connecting dots few others even see. They have written books and articles, created Web sites, put together videos. NASA ( news - web sites) tries to ignore them.

"For the agency to engage in debate," says spokesman Bob Jacobs, "is disrespectful to the hundreds of thousands who worked on that program."

Just say nay. So the naysayers preach undeterred. Their putative leader is 80-year-old Bill Kaysing, a former publications analyst for Rocketdyne, which built the engines for Apollo 11's Saturn rocket.

In 1975, he published We Never Went to the Moon: America's Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle.

The impetus came from a homeless, drug-addicted Vietnam vet who urged him to write an exposé of the government. Looking into the Apollo missions, he soon realized they were technically impossible.

That meshed with Kaysing's mind-set. "I was definitely primed from the time I was 10 years old to be suspicious of the government," he says. "By 1974, when I began working on the book, I was strongly antigovernment, largely due to Vietnam."

Kaysing's book is not so much written as jotted down--the would-be publisher rejected it with the comment: "seemed more like random notes." But his massed evidence takes on a shadowy, if-there's-smoke-there-must-be-fire credibility.

Television and radio appearances fan the flame, and the craggy, white-haired Kaysing has a genial persuasiveness made for TV.

Last year he was prominent in Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon? an hourlong Fox Network special that aired in February and again in March, drawing more than 15 million viewers.

Then in August he made his case on the Today show as part of a "Truth or Conspiracy" series. "Well, it's certainly an interesting notion and fun to talk about," concluded Katie Couric, not risking offense by actually taking sides.

Kaysing disciple and self-taught engineer Ralph Rene published his own book (NASA Mooned America!) in 1992.

Kay-sing's book had made Rene a doubter several years before, but he didn't embark on his own quest until he saw his name listed in a 1991 NASA report as one of many contributors of ideas related to a manned mission to Mars.

It was done, he says, without his permission. "I got pissed off," says Rene, who thinks government "continually lies to us."

"Once you believe that, you start seeing evidence that would be obvious to everybody around you if they paid attention the way you did," observes Clark McCauley, a professor of psychology at Bryn Mawr (Pa.) College with an interest in cults and extremist groups.

And like Rene, many Americans aren't fond of government.

In Gallup surveys, about half the public feels the U.S. government has become so powerful that it threatens the rights of ordinary citizens.

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