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Friend-Ship of Metta Minds: Transforming The Abode of Soul-Mind

--Rumsfeld's Life Lesson
When Love is your greatest weakness,
you will be the strongest person (Nation) in the world

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A Global Loving Peace prayer

Friend-Ship of Metta Minds: Transforming The Abode of Soul-Mind

(Intend the power of mind)

Sit down, quite your mind,
Beginning with your Self
THINK, with a deep loving Heart-Mind
I am Power over fear,
I am Power over suffering,
I am power of Mind,
Now remain silent, no thought, clear mind and just feel the sending out of your power nurturing to self, others. Next,
Focus on someone you love and say the same prayer on that person's behalf,
And then INTEND your Metta-Mind power out.
Then pray in the same way for a neutral person,
Someone you don't know,
Power Pray for someone you dislike,
In doing so, you norish the seeds of Kindliness and Nurturing for Everyone Everywhere.

PSI-METTA prayer, is brought to you from The Arizona "PSI-Metta" Grokking Real Eyes Group.

WE are a group of Psi-Psychics who gather on a sacred Vortex and "place" OUR focused concentration upon the developing aspects of Human consciousness.

Through the power of OUR INTENDED Thought Transference, they instill the higher ordered psychic fields of Kindliness and Nurturing.

For us, this has proved to reflect immediate results for many personal lives.

We ask you to participate once every day either at sunrise and/or sunset.

A special High Noon prayer Ceremony is celebrated as a feast for the starving.
A drink, The "PSI-Nurture-Drink" is both physically and mentally used to "feed" all the souls who are in physical and mental distress.

Attention: A Psi-Fire is started every day; this fire is ignited from the rays of the sun, and is an altar upon which special prayer ties are placed and the ineffable fire of the Mind-spirit is consumed.

IT WORKS, and yes you can learn to do it.

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Friend-Ship of Metta Minds: Transforming The Abode of Soul-Mind
If you wish to send your prayer tie to them, please E-mail GROKKING REAL EYES *** We welcome all students of Power Mind Nurturing.

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