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Deep Spirit
Christian de Quincey

Are rocks conscious? Do animals or plants have souls? Have you ever wondered whether worms or insects might feel pain or pleasure? Can trees feel anything at all? Ever wondered where in the great unfolding of evolution consciousness first appeared?
If questions like these intrigue you, you are in good company because they touch on the deepest mystery in modern philosophy, science, and spirituality: How are minds and bodies related? How does consciousness fit into the physical world?

Editorial Reviews:
"So energetic and accessible it definitely needs to be read. The writing sparkles and the ideas sing."
- Charlene Spretnak, author of States of Grace

"Radical Nature exposes the biggest con job in the history of human thought-that matter and nature are dead, mindless, unfeeling, and disconnected from ourselves. De Quincey gives us an image that is as hopeful and fulfilling as the old view was empty and depressing. Never have we needed such a view as now."
- Brian Swimme, Ph.D., coauthor of The Universe Story

Do animals have souls? Do worms and insects feel pain or pleasure? Can trees feel anything at all? Ever wondered where in the great unfolding of evolution consciousness first appeared? If questions like these intrigue you, you are in good company because they touch on the deepest mystery in modern philosophy and science: How are minds and bodies related? How does consciousness fit into the physical world?
- Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Healing Beyond the Body

Radical Nature
Rediscovering the Soul
of Matter
by Christian de Quincey

"To meet everything and everyone through stillness instead of mental noise is the greatest gift you can offer to the universe."
- The Power of Now:
A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

Physics of the Soul

The Evolution of Consciousness
"From Science to God" by Peter Russell

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These are not just idle speculations. How we answer such questions can dramatically affect the way we live our lives, treat the natural world and other people, and even how we relate to our own bodies. In Radical Nature, philosopher Christian de Quincey explores how mind and matter are related, and he proposes a radical and surprising answer: Consciousness goes all the way down! Through animals, plants, even single cells . . . in fact, all the way down the great chain of being to molecules, atoms, and beyond. Drawing on both ancient and modern knowledge, de Quincey shows us that the universe teems with consciousness through and through. "Matter itself tingles with the spark of spirit," he says. "And therefore nature, in all its forms and glory, is sacred to its deepest roots." Radical Nature takes you on a mind-stretching journey in this remarkable story of philosophy and science in search of a soul.

Christian de Quincey, Ph.D., is professor of philosophy and consciousness studies at John F. Kennedy University and managing editor of the IONS Review from the Institute of Noetic Sciences. His work on consciousness has appeared in both popular and academic journals, including Journal of Consciousness Studies, ReVision, Network, Cerebrum, and Journal of Transpersonal Psychology. He lives in Half Moon Bay, California.

About the Author
Christian de Quincey is a professor of philosophy at John F. Kennedy University and is the coauthor of The Scientific Exploration of Consciousness. He lives in Half Moon Bay, California.

New Vibrations
Matrix 5 Update
Leading Edge International Research Quarterly # 2 Apr 2002

"Something very interesting happened to me a few hours ago and I thought I would share it with the group. I was feeling very restless today and decided to lay down to relax. While I was resting, I suddenly felt a sexual urge run through me. Instead of giving in to this urge, I thought about trying something. I used the advice given by the author on connecting to my Higher Self and I felt the sexual energy surge upward through my body. I then visualized a cord running up from my head to my Higher Self(like on the cover of Matrix5). What happened next is something that I can't really put into words. My perspective changed and I had the impression of being surrounded by multicolored lights. I also understood that everything I was experiencing in this incarnation was being processed and sent down to other incarnations and that I was also receiving info from the other incarnations as well. All this sharing was happening at once because all the incarnations were the "same". I felt the impression of a "previous life" in 17th century France. I also felt that one of my goals in THIS incarnation is to experience Endgame. All of this happened in only a matter of minutes. I had read about this in Matrix5 but to experience it is quite a different thing. What I have described isn't even everything that happened because it's so difficult to find words for what I felt. One of the things that got to me was how crystal clear EVERYTHING was. I'm going to keep pursuing this." 11 Apr 2002

"I joined the Matrix 5 Forum last week and since that events things have happenned on the 3d that just cannot be ignored. The narrative of those events is as follows. Monday- I became very ill while I was at work and was not sure If I would be able to make it through the day. I asked a female coworker who I had gotten to know very well to drop me off at my apartment which was just 10 minutes away during her lunch break. She created a bunch of excuses and refused to do it even though I had there for her whenever she needed me. So I had to spend a miserable day at work before leaving on my own accord. Every day during the week I experienced related incidents. THIS ALL HAPPENED THE WEEK AFTER I JOINED THE M5 FORUM. I have never been treated like this before by people. This is the vilest that people have ever treated me in my entire life. I can take it that my higher self wants me to experience all of this and that I should just hang in there. I can also see that I am definitely on the right path to make people act like this. They all know I'm spiraling out of the game and they don't like it one bit. I CAN ALSO SEE MY PROGRESS IS MORE ADVANCED THAN I THOUGHT because they came at me with all guns blazing. Doing all they could to deter my progress however I know that shim is awakening me daily and that I CANNOT FAIL and that this is just a bump on the road. My higher self is trying to get my attention that its time for me to advance and that I have some very serious things to do in this incarnation. From now on I will be in observation mode and will not feed the dark polarity by reacting to it. Shim is making me realize that my higher self has serious info to discuss with me but I have to be ready to receive it. My higher self wants to actually communicate with me on a higher level I can FEEL its presence. I just have to be ready when that occurs and this week was a example of that." 1 Apr 2002

"I want to share an experience I had 2 weeks ago...since this topic of ascended masters has come up, I think it is relevant. I was invited to a 'musical evening' by an old friend and since I enjoy music and singing, I accepted. I was aware that she was a part of this group who believes in as. masters but did not know that the musical evening was solely so called 'ascended master' songs and meditation. Anyway, I decided to sit through the one hour programme. As soon as they started out their 'love and light' meditation, I was amazed to find that there were a whole bunch of dark entities who converged onto the location...some were openly mocking, some were actually 'feeding' off the energy they created. (I am a Reiki teacher and can see auras and am very sensitive to this kind of thing.) I threw up gold shields around the location and within a few minutes at most, they wandered off as if they could not sense the energy any more. It brought to mind what you had said in Matrix 5: using white light attracts the dark. Very strongly it did." 25 Mar 2002

"Reading Matrix 5 has cleared up some major issues I have faced while in this incarnation. I have had several bisexual and homosexual experiences in the past few years. During this same time period I have had a furious interest in occult and metaphysical teachings that seemed to start a few years before my experiences into different aspects of my sexuality. Before >reading Matrix 5 I never knew how to deal with this because I did not understand how to feel about this. I have dealt with a lot of grief and guilt because I did not know why I was the way that I was. Now I know that these aspects of myself are the benchmarks of a advancing spirit and that I don't have to feel ashamed about anything. I know now that all I need to do >is drop the labels that people have placed upon me and reach towards the inner me my higher self. I can see that there is nothing wrong with me but rather it is the game that is improper to a advancing spirit. I am also very curious to find out the level of incarnation that I am currently at in this life." 25 Mar 2002

"I have always considered books my best friend and guide. I have always been interested in subjects of the spirit, I remember since my childhood memories. Now I have found and almost finished reading MV. Written in MV I believe I have found the Purpose for my life long interest (I am 56) which I believe has been the foundation I needed for this Purpose." C.J. 17 Mar 2002

"The Matrix V material lends itself to truth and has answered more questions in the short amount of time I have read and studied the first few hundred pages than all my 44 years of indoctrination of mormon/christian bullshit, newager/lightsider coercion, media shovel-fed mass disinformation and mass manipulation by the elitist few. When I saw the attacks on the trade centers I found myself just observing, not shocked at all-thank you. When I hear or read of all the death, violent or otherwise, alien manipulations, bullshit meteors hurtling toward earth, this and that ad naseum, in this wonderful world-I understand and observe and I thank you. "Heavy on the heart" is displaced by pertinent observance and allowance, thank you. What one doesn't know that one doesn't know can be found in oneself and can be awakened by the Matrix V template and again I thank you. I do feel I AM making progress. I appreciate your candor and directness. " Erik 16 Mar 2002

"I could spend a lot of time writing so I just cut to the chase and say: Thank You. In Matrix V I have found my Purpose. Count me in! I am not quite finished with my 1st reading. I am not a joiner, nor have I ever joined a chat club, but I will see you all at SmartGroups soon because the book taught me that in this case we need each others assistance. I understand. I am here & I want to help!! Thank you for MV!" 12 Mar 2002

"I have had the distinct opportunity to read all such volumes before Matrix V. And they have truly been literary marvels; harbingers for the more intense literary endeavors to come of it's kind. However, no text has had as great an influence upon my every day thinking as this particular piece of literature -- Matrix V. I would venture to say that it stands true to itself as a a "Magnum Opus" of sorts; a "Divine Pymander" without question! Let the "becoming" continue." 12 Mar 2002

" Gentlemen, I have received my copy of MV on the evening of the 9th - have read through 75 pages so far and what I have found valuable is that many things which have been 'known' and which I have implemented in my life have been listed herein and the blurred edges have become focused sharply. I agree entirely about what you say on genders. Down the years I have tried to tell people who wail about relationships, to try and integrate their male/female energies within and not look to someone else to complete what I used to describe as the circle, and then look for another complete person to move forward with ... you have put focus onto what I tried to formulate and convey. I myself was in one het relationship from '82-'86 (shim had clearly told me that it was better NOT to marry... I ignored the message) and then had to walk away - as my spiritual growth was hindered terribly by the friction. I learned the lesson of allowing another their path, not interfering or trying to 'change' or control. I just did what I had to at the time without the knowledge I have now, and it was not easy but after reading MV, I realise that my HS needed to overcome the programming and it was done this way ..after that I have not been in any relationship...never found anyone with whom I could move forward. It has definitely been a rough ride but I am glad for it. Would not have had it any other way. I agree totally about the female control too and the posturing and manipulation. It is good to know why these things are in place, but once this information is filed away, the most important thing to do is to get on with our progress and overcome the blocks. the very first 70-odd pages of MV have given me clarity on this issue and I look forward to completing my first reading for more inputs, known and new. Thanks once more." Ketayun 11 Mar 2002

"After reading the material two very keys incidents have taken place that confirm the accuracy of the material. At my job I discovered that I have a co-worker that has knowledge of shamanism and is willing to share this with me. I also "discovered" that the manager of the health food store I shop at teaches reiki and is willing to instruct me in that as well. None of this was made aware to me until after I read matrix 5. That makes it plain as day to me its time for me to learn these things as began the advancement of my spirit. Its so obvious why these opportunities have presented themselves to me." Ian 10 Mar 2002

"I just wanted to say thank you for bringing this information out. I just finished re-reading the main narrative and Q&A, and already, this work has had a dramatic impact on me, and has put so much into a greater perspective for me. I was amazed at the other works you mentioned in the narrative, because just about all of them came to me in highly synchronistic ways, over the past few years, as did this material. I knew of its existence for a while, but finally, one day, I just knew it was time to get the M5 material into my hands. I've used the Hemisync music for a while, and have had some very seriously profound experiences while in the heightened state it produces. I've had unusual experiences since childhood, and this work has put so much into a greater perspective for me. Thank you so much! All 3 of the Monroe books are on the way, and I can hardly wait to begin reading them. Thanks again for publishing this amazing work. It has had an incredible impact!" 20 Feb 2002

"I wanted to express my appreciation for your work set forth in Matrix 5. Having received it about a week ago, I'm on my second read-through (except the Handbook which I read a few months back - a very slow read). Wonderful, insightful and your Q&A sessions are very revealing, both in the questions and how you handle them. The last few years I've been on a search for these materials and in the process have learned a great deal of the background on issues you mentioned in M5. In fact, somehow I knew to first digest some of Val's other matrix books and materials before M5. "Waking up in time" is the refrain that goes through my mind. The implications of the insights in M5 are profound and will take me time to assimilate. But I know one thing for sure - this will be a year of major change in my life as a result. Already many decisions are made and it remains but to implement them. I have ordered Monroe's three books and Icke's Greatest Secret and need to assimilate these as well. I've not been into astral travel before but am now very interested in learning, and will do so. There is no substitute for knowingness resulting from direct experience, rather than belief and opinion." 31 Jan 2002

"First of all, thank you for writing Matrix V. It is impacting my life daily and I am on my second read through, and, of course, I am picking up things that did not resonate the first read through. I feel as though I understand the "rules" of the universe now, where as before it was a hodgepodge of stuff I had read over the years in which I was never able to put "it" together. All I can say is that I feel centered about the information I have read in Matrix V." Nancy 26 Jan 2002

" M5 IS a great aid. It's enabled me to embrace my unique feelings about this life instead of wondering what is wrong with me. Great appreciation goes out to Val and the author for this leading edge work. Wanda 13 Jan 2002

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