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Sonoran Desert Plants, saguaro, wildflowers
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I Real Eyes random but purposeful usness - accident and chance -- Myth and fantancy -- Trans-scene-dance --- I welcome you HU Orb of Hir Destiny's Dream on and on and on and on and on and on --- --- --- --- --- Become, Become more than NOW, Become becoming in Hir fullness, Hir Green soul of D-Light --- --- ---Florence Rules --- --- ---

I Real Eyes

I Real Eyes I see Self and Others Mommy and Daddy Spirit and Biology

I Real Eyes Hir flower I Real Eyes Hir driving force greening cold fusion age I&I&I

I Real Eyes flux-Intelligence Flux-Intellect Heart head Love divine substance Living within Oum place Peace

I Real Eyes Hu-man Hearth Soul Nature Nurture Dynamic Synergy Synthesis
Earth Multi-Verse-Self
You-Others Us-Unity Dancing Prancing Observing Birthing the ALL

Humankind's Destiny Dance, Trans Sun Line PreCog Activations Grokking Real Eyes


Turn Off TV and Turn On Quantum Mind

Humanity's most valuable possessions are Clean Water, Clean air, and Trees

Sonoran Desert Plants, saguaro, wildflowers

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