Sonoran Desert Plants, saguaro, wildflowers
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My very favorite salad green is Rapini (Broccoli Raab, Brassica campestris).
Also called Turnip broccoli.
My Family calls it broccolini di rapa.

Our heirloom seed came from the old country and has been grown by our family for years.
We love to eat the juicy flowering stems.
My mom cooks it in garlic and olive oil and serves it with italian bread, fantastic!
We now grow lots of Rapini and many other salad greens.
Our bio-Dynamic gardens are bounty-Full because,

"Our Love is Greens and Growing"

Our winter garden supplied us with lots of rapini seeds. So we will soon be able to grow enough for our neighbors and friends. We are looking foward to this summers garden. We just started a new Raspberry patch and the new shoots are knee high....Hmmm...Raspberry sorbet sounds good...Ey?
Do you have delightful recipes to share?

Thank you for all wonderful email.
We have had so many folks asking for Rapini seeds and information on how to grow this delicious plant.
So, we will present a small on going "live time" documentary showing you how we start a summer grow out bed of Rapini for winter seed and for early spring harvesting.
We will start with a small area so you can begin to develope your plants for seed development.
1. First make your seed strips.
You can use a sheet of paper towels to place your seed. Mix a thick flower water paste and pick up each Rapini seed and place upon the paper towel. space your seeds about 4" apart and allow to dry. when you plant your stripes allow 8" spacing between rows and 4" between plants. Allow the plants to fully mature, pinching off all their early Floweretts. This will force the plant to grow many more Floweretts and produce many more seed for you.
We eat many of the floweretts as they are produced and stop taking them as the plant reaches full maturity.
We will add a few pictures of this process as the summer unfolds. Please stay tuned, and send us a message (Below every page) if you have any questions.

Email Tony Crow

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Sonoran Desert Plants, saguaro, wildflowers

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