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June 2001

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      May 2001

Most Censored News! Censored News

To Learn more about pesticides, contact the following groups:

Beyond Pesticides
Pesticide Action Network
National Telecom Network
Bio-Integral Resource Center

May 16, 2001

Death of Democracy

      APRIL 2001

April 19, 2001

"Bush is the worst president for the environment since Ronald Reagan."

Globalization & the FTAA: It's about corporate wealth, stupid by Dalton Camp

April 15, 2001

Mega Solar Flares hits Earth....AGAIN!!

Powerful Easter Sunday Solar Flare

One of the most powerful solar flares ever recorded (an X14-class explosion) erupted near sunspot group 9415 today, climaxing a two-week spate of X-class flares from that active region. The source of the explosion is near the Sun's western limb, so the blast was directed mostly away from Earth. That's a good thing because today's flare was nearly as powerful as one in 1989 that triggered the collapse of a power grid in Canada -- no such calamities are expected this time.
A moderate radiation storm is in progress.
For details and updates, please visit

April 14, 2001

The Toxic Texan

CRAWFORD, TEXAS - April 13 - Three Greenpeace activists anchored themselves to a water tower in President Bush’s home town today, with a 20x30-foot banner reading, "Bush: the Toxic Texan. Don’t Mess with the Earth." Marking the first political demonstration in the tiny town of Crawford since Bush took office, the international environmental group took this action to deliver a pre-Earth Day (April 22) protest message to President Bush, who is currently vacationing on his Texas ranch in Crawford.


Is our Sacred PLANET so toxic that Hir is no longer able to sustain Healthy life?

Unsafe for Mice or Men

RAY REYNOLDS is dying at age 43 from toxins that seeped into his nerve cells from 16 years of working at a Texas chemical plant. Now it has spread to his brain. "They told me," he says of his bosses, "there were no long-term problems from exposure." They lied. They have been lying to all of us, workers and consumers alike. Last night, Americans learned they are being poisoned. And they learned that the perpetrators have known about the poisonings for 50 years and have spent millions of dollars to keep us from finding out. "It was a story we never were supposed to know," Bill Moyers says in his PBS special, "Trade Secrets," which premiered last night. Moyers brings to light thousands of memos and scientific reports that show a vast coverup within America's chemical companies. Industry executives had research showing evidence that chemicals like vinyl chloride caused cancer and other health problems. But, time after time, the companies agreed to keep the findings from the public and their own workers. In one example, an Italian researcher in the early 1970s told the chemical industry that vinyl chloride caused angiosarcoma, a rare liver cancer, in lab animals. His finding was the clearest link to date between an ingredient in plastic and cancer. But the heads of such companies as BF Goodrich, Dow, Shell, Union Carbide and Conoco signed a secrecy agreement to keep the findings from the public. Even when the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health asked the industry to provide all known research on vinyl chloride, among several other chemicals, the industry withheld the findings. In 1974, BF Goodrich announced that four workers in its Louisville, Ky., plant had died of angiosarcoma - but still said nothing about the research linking the cancer to vinyl chloride. I always assumed there was some federal process by which chemical products - from weed killer to furniture polish to plastics - are deemed safe for human use. But there isn't. Of the 15,000 chemicals produced in the United States every year, only 43 percent have ever been properly tested to see if they cause injury to humans. As a result, our bodies are archives of our chemical exposure, dating to birth. For the show, Moyers took part in a nine-person study that tested for 100 chemicals in each person's body during a 24-hour period. Moyers' body contained 84. He had 31 different polychlorinated biphenyls, a now-banned family of chemicals and 13 different dioxins. Except for lead, none of the chemicals existed at the turn of the century. Surely it is no coincidence that breast cancer rates have tripled since 1940, brain cancer among children is up 26 percent, testicular cancer among adolescent men has doubled, learning disabilities have skyrocketed. San Francisco's Andrea Martin, founder and executive director of Breast Cancer Fund, took part in the nine-person study with Moyers. She also had around 80 chemicals in her body. "I was blown away," she said by phone yesterday. "The body is not up to meeting the modern chemistry of our world." For Martin, the issue is personal. She has had breast cancer twice. "Most people think we're being protected. But the industry has controlled the standards. They do the research and then they bury it." We know now we can't trust anything the chemical companies tell us. We must assume chemicals are guilty until proven innocent. And we must assume that unless we regulate the industry, the lab mice in this free-for-all chemical experiment will always be us.

      MARCH 2001

March 30, 2001

Monster Sunspot Hurls Solar Flares Toward Earth

Four solar flares and a pair of powerful magnetic gas clouds spawned in a monster sunspot were headed for Earth on Friday and could affect power systems, satellites and some radio transmissions, a top space weather forecaster said. They might also provide a dazzling display of the northern lights if they arrived at night, said Gary Heckman, senior forecaster for the U.S. Space Environment Center in Boulder, Colorado. ``They're headed our way,'' Heckman said in a telephone interview. ``But these still aren't the barnburner events. ... It will tickle some power systems. Satellite operators will notice.'' The solar flares -- explosions in the sun's atmosphere -- and the fast-moving magnetic gas clouds, known as coronal mass ejections, were hurled at Earth from the biggest sunspot scientists have seen in the past decade. The sunspot was about 86,800 miles in diameter and had about 13 times the surface area of the Earth, according to the National Science Foundation (news - web sites) (NSF) and the U.S. Geological Survey (news - web sites) (USGS (news - web sites)). The spot is so big it can be seen unaided as long as filters are used to protect the eyes from damage, the NSF said in a statement.

Solar Threat:

Massive Energy Headed Towards Earth

The biggest sunspot in 10 years has released an outburst of solar matter that will likely reach Earth on Friday

March 27, 2001

Human ``Mad Cow'' Incubation Period Could Be 30 Years

The findings of the inquiry into a cluster of variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD) cases--the human version of mad cow disease--suggest the fatal disease has an average incubation period of 30 years and may claim thousands or tens of thousands more victims, a leading scientist warned on Thursday. The inquiry report into five deaths in the English village of Queniborough, Leicestershire, blamed specific butchering methods for contamination of meat with bovine brain and estimated an incubation period of the disease between 10 and 16 years. The report was issued Wednesday. But Professor John Collinge, a member of the Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee (SEAC), which advises the government on mad cow disease or bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), told BBC Radio: ``For me the main finding from this report is that the significant exposure appears to pre-date 1985. ``That sent a little chill down my spine, certainly. It fits with our estimates that we have been making of the likely incubation periods of BSE in humans.'' Professor Collinge, a specialist in prion protein diseases at St. Mary's Hospital, London, pointed out: ``The cases we are seeing at the moment are by definition those with the shortest incubation periods.'' Prions are the infectious proteins thought to cause both BSE and vCJD. Therefore, the average incubation period could ``well be in the region of 30 years''. He added: ``Unfortunately what follows from that, since the exposure of the population after 1985 was very much larger than that that preceded it, (is that) many more cases must be in the pipeline. ``We may see thousands, or tens of thousands.''

The UK Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Surveillance Unit

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)

      FEBRUARY 2001

February 28, 2001

Prepare for tsunamis

- A strong earthquake measuring 6.8 in magnitude and lasting about 45 seconds rocked Seattle on Wednesday, knocking chunks of masonry from skyscrapers and forcing thousands to flee their homes, schools and offices. The quake at 10:54 a.m. local time (1:55 p.m. EST), which was also felt in Vancouver, British Columbia, to the north and Portland, Ore., to the south, damaged many buildings in the earthquake-prone city of about 500,000 It was the largest quake for Seattle in 36 years, when a 6.5 tremor rocked the region on April 29, 1965. Seattle sits on a fault caused by the Juan de Fuca plate sliding under the continental United States. A 7.1-magnitude temblor in 1949 killed eight people.


absolute power corrupts absolutely

More than 100 years ago, Lord Acton astutely observed that while power tends to corrupt, "absolute power corrupts absolutely." That's what's wrong with the Supreme Court today.

Limit U.S. Supreme Court terms

Global Warning - 2001

"Most of the earth's people will be on the losing side," Harvard University environmental scientist James J. McCarthy, who co-chaired the panel, told reporters.

The report was a summary of 1,000 pages of research into "Climate Change 2001: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability," conducted by some 700 scientists. Given the political sensitivities of the climate debate, the 19-page summary was subject to line-by-line scrutiny by government representatives during weeklong discussions prior to release.

"Projected climate changes during the 21st century have the potential to lead to future large-scale and possible irreversible changes in Earth systems," with "continental and global consequences," said the report, adding that climate change will lead to:

-- more "freak" weather conditions like cyclones, floods and droughts;

-- massive displacement of populations in the worst-affected areas;

-- potentially enormous loss of life;

-- greater risk from diseases like malaria as the mosquito widens its reach;

-- and extinction of entire species as their habitat is wiped out.

The report said global economic losses from so-called natural catastrophes increased from about $4 billion per year in the 1950s to $40 billion in 1999. Total costs were in reality twice as high, it said.

The Geneva report followed one released last month in Shanghai, China, by the international climate change panel. That predicted that global temperatures could rise by as much as 10.5 degrees Fahrenheit over the next century.

Researchers are monitoring an enormous iceberg that broke off the Ross Shelf in Antarctica last March in an effort to understand the nature of future breakaway 'bergs. The fragment, called B-15-A, stands approximately 15 stories above the water and is 90 miles long and almost 30 miles wide. Towers have been erected on the iceberg with sensors to monitor its movement and the weather. Hourly updates are sent by satellite to researchers at the University of Chicago, which tracks the iceberg to understand and predict the paths of future icebergs. B-15-A is part of one of the largest icebergs ever recorded to have broken away from Antarctica's Ross Ice Shelf. The original iceberg, called B-15, was 180 miles long, but has since broken into two large pieces, B-15-A and B-15-B. Currently, B-15-A is drifting toward McMurdo Sound. The National Science Foundation's McMurdo Station, the largest scientific research station on the continent, is located on Ross Island in the sound.

Bloom where you are planted, and spread the seeds of kindliness and Nurturing throughout your garden of friends.

February 20, 2001

American adolescents of all races and ethnic groups are engaging in a range of activities that significantly place their health at risk, according to researchers. Increasingly younger boys and girls are engaging in sex, using drugs and alcohol, eating fatty junk foods, initiating fights, and seriously contemplating suicide.

As they initiate such behavior earlier they haven't matured enough, and they don't have the decision-making skills to negotiate this behavior--how to refuse or deal with pressure,'' she noted. ``So these findings really make the case for beginning health education at the elementary level. The notion of health education sometimes scares people because they think we're talking about sex. But it's about discussing mental and emotional health, self-esteem, nutrition, talking about poisons, drugs, communication skills, goal-setting, stress-management, and decision-making to help the children make more health-promoting decisions.

February 19, 2001

Medical marijuana: A panel of experts is about to recommend to the National Institutes of Health that smoking pot should be taken seriously as a possible way to treat sick people. an eight-member panel of experts, convened by the National Institutes of Health, is about to send an unprecedented report to NIH Director Dr. Harold E. Varmus suggesting that the medical use of marijuana shows enough promise to warrant more scientific study. The NIH effectively controls marijuana research because one of its branches, the National Institute of Drug Abuse, is the only legal source of the drug for medical experiments.

The panel was convened after voters in California and Arizona passed initiatives in November allowing people to smoke pot legally on their doctor's recommendation. The experts listened to scientific and personal testimony for two days in February, and have been writing and rewriting their formal report ever since.

In the interim, the Arizona legislature has passed a bill setting aside the voter-passed initiative until the Food and Drug Administration gives marijuana the go-ahead for medical use. Last week, federal law-enforcement officials raided a cannabis buyers club in San Francisco. Despite convening the panel, the Clinton administration is constantly reminding doctors that marijuana remains illegal under federal law -- and they risk their licenses and time in jail if they prescribe marijuana

February 16, 2001

Researchers have developed the first material that automatically repairs itself, offering a potential way of fixing the hairline cracks that develop in the space-age composites used in everything from tennis rackets to aircraft.

The scientists' secret: tiny capsules of glue that are added to the composite material.

"It has just an enormous number of applications. That's probably one drawback for me, I don't know which direction to go," Scott White said, a professor of aeronautical engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign who led the study.

Composite materials consist of fibers of glass, carbon or other substances mixed with a resin. Fiberglass is one type of composite. Some tennis rackets and golf clubs are made of graphite composites.

February 15, 2001

You can't tell by looking, but scientists say the Sun has just undergone an important change. Our star's magnetic field, which extends through the distant reaches of interplanetary space, has flipped.

The Sun's magnetic north pole, which was in the northern hemisphere just a few months ago, now points south. It's a topsy-turvy situation, but not an unexpected one

      January 2001

JANUARY ends with massive earthquakes in india, El Savador. Storms create havic, pesticides in foods, whales beaching themselves, Rain forests being destroyed faster than a blink of a cosmic eye...Looks like we are in for MUCH! more Global changes...Be Prepared Folks....Help others in as many small ways as you them "Be" Prepared...

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January 4, 2001

This morning at 5 o'clock Eastern Standard time (0900 UT) Earth made its annual closest approach to the Sun -- an event astronomers call perihelion. Northerners shouldn't expect any relief from the cold, however. Although sunlight falling on Earth will be slightly more intense today than it is in July, winter will continue unabated.

January 3, 2001

NASDQ Rises 14% :The very worst trying to become the very best, In seconds!

NASDQ Today?

This is the best chance for North American observers to see the Quadrantid meteors until the year 2009.

December 2000

December 28,

Listen to Ganymede's Magnetosphere

December 15,

A solar eclipse is coming on Christmas Day, 2000. The winter landscape across parts of North America will assume an eerie cast, and cooler-than-usual winds might swirl, as the New Moon glides across the face of the Yuletide Sun.

And yet ANOTHER! coronal mass ejection that left the Sun on Thursday appears to be heading for Earth. The disturbance could trigger aurora late Saturday or(more likely) Sunday when it strikes our planet's magnetosphere. For details and animations please visit

Near Earth Astroid coming soon!
Asteroid 4183 Cuno (1959 LM)
View trajectories of Earth planetary encounter.

December 12,

"Although we may never know with complete certainty the identity of the winner of this year's presidential election, the identity of the loser is perfectly clear. It is the nation's confidence in the judge as an impartial guardian of the rule of law.''
      Justice John Paul Stevens, Dec. 12, 2000

The 43rd President : BUSH : Florida corruption : Supreme court : political decisions : 4 years of comic relief! : ??????????????

Q: I'm not a lawyer and I don't understand the recent Supreme Court decision in Bush v. Gore. Can you explain it to me?
A: Sure. I'm a lawyer. I read it. It says Bush wins, even if Gore got the most votes.
Q: But wait a second. The US Supreme Court has to give a reason, right?
A: Right.
Q: So Bush wins because hand-counts are illegal?
A: Oh no. Six of the justices (two-thirds majority) believed the hand-counts were legal and should be done.
Q: Oh. So the justices did not believe that the hand-counts would find any legal ballots?
A. Nope. The five conservative justices clearly held (and all nine justices agreed) "that punch card balloting machines can produce an unfortunate number of ballots which are not punched in a clean, complete way by the voter." So there are legal votes that should be counted but can't be.
Q: Oh. Does this have something to do with states' rights? Don't conservatives love that?
A: Generally yes. These five justices, in the past few years, have held that the federal government has no business telling a sovereign state university it can't steal trade secrets just because such stealing is prohibited by law. Nor does the federal government have any business telling a state that it should bar guns in schools. Nor can the federal government use the equal protection clause to force states to take measures to stop violence against women.
Q: Is there an exception in this case?
A: Yes, the Gore exception. States have no rights to have their own state elections when it can result in Gore being elected President. This decision is limited to only this situation.
Q: C'mon. The Supremes didn't really say that. You're exaggerating.
A: Nope. They held "Our consideration is limited to the present circumstances, or the problem of equal protection in election processes generally presents many complexities."
Q: What complexities?
A: They don't say.
Q: I'll bet I know the reason. I heard Jim Baker say this. The votes can't be counted because the Florida Supreme Court "changed the rules of the election after it was held." Right?
A. Dead wrong. The US Supreme Court made clear that the Florida Supreme Court did not change the rules of the election. But the US Supreme Court found the failure of the Florida Court to change the rules was wrong.
Q: Huh?
A: The Legislature declared that the only legal standard for counting vote is "clear intent of the voter." The Florida Court was condemned for not adopting a clearer standard.
Q: I thought the Florida Court was not allowed to change the Legislature's law after the election.
A: Right.
Q: So what's the problem?
A: They should have. The US Supreme Court said the Florida Supreme Court should have "adopt[ed] adequate statewide standards for determining what is a legal vote"
Q: I thought only the Legislature could "adopt" new law.
A: Right.
Q: So if the Court had adopted new standards, I thought it would have been overturned.
A: Right. You're catching on.
Q: If the Court had adopted new standards, it would have been overturned for changing the rules. And if it didn't, it's overturned for not changing the rules. That means that no matter what the Florida Supreme Court did, legal votes could never be counted.
A: Right. Next question.
Q: Wait, wait. I thought the problem was "equal protection," that some counties counted votes differently from others. Isn't that a problem?
A: It sure is. Across the nation, we vote in a hodgepodge of systems. Some, like the optical-scanners in largely Republican-leaning counties record 99.7% of the votes. Some, like the punchcard systems in largely Democratic-leaning counties record only 97% of the votes. So approximately 3% of Democratic votes are thrown in the trash can.
Q: Aha! That's a severe equal-protection problem!!!
A: No it's not. The Supreme Court wasn't worried about the 3% of Democratic ballots thrown in the trashcan in Florida. That "complexity" was not a problem.
Q: Was it the butterfly ballots that violated Florida law and tricked more than 20,000 Democrats to vote for Buchanan or Gore and Buchanan.
A: Nope. The Supreme Court has no problem believing that Buchanan got his highest, best support in a precinct consisting of a Jewish old age home with Holocaust survivors, who apparently have changed their mind about Hitler.
Q: Yikes. So what was the serious equal protection problem?
A: The problem was neither the butterfly ballot nor the 3% of Democrats (largely African-American) disenfranchised. The problem is that somewhat less than .005% of the ballots may have been determined under slightly different standards because judges sworn to uphold the law and doing their best to accomplish the legislative mandate of "clear intent of the voter" may have a slightly different opinion about the voter's intent.
Q: Hmmm. OK, so if those votes are thrown out, you can still count the votes where everyone agrees the voter's intent is clear?
A: Nope.
Q: Why not?
A: No time.
Q: No time to count legal votes where everyone, even Republicans, agree the intent is clear? Why not?
A: Because December 12 was yesterday.
Q: Is December 12 a deadline for counting votes?
A: No. January 6 is the deadline. In 1960, Hawaii's votes weren't counted until January 4.
Q: So why is December 12 important?
A: December 12 is a deadline by which Congress can't challenge the results.
Q: What does the Congressional role have to do with the Supreme Court?
A: Nothing.
Q: But I thought ---
A: The Florida Supreme Court had earlier held it would like to complete its work by December 12 to make things easier for Congress. The United States Supreme Court is trying to help the Florida Supreme Court out by forcing the Florida court to abide by a deadline that everyone agrees is not binding.
Q: But I thought the Florida Court was going to just barely have the votes counted by December 12.
A: They would have made it, but the five conservative justices stopped the recount last Saturday.
Q: Why?
A: Justice Scalia said some of the counts may not be legal.
Q: So why not separate the votes into piles, indentations for Gore, hanging chads for Bush, votes that everyone agrees went to one candidate or the other so that we know exactly how Florida voted before determining who won? Then, if some ballots (say, indentations) have to be thrown out, the American people will know right away who won Florida.
A. Great idea! The US Supreme Court rejected it. They held that such counts would likely to produce election results showing Gore won and Gore's winning would cause "public acceptance" and that would "cast[] a cloud" over Bush's "legitimacy" that would harm "democratic stability."
Q: In other words, if America knows the truth that Gore won, they won't accept the US Supreme Court overturning Gore's victory?
A: Yes.
Q: Is that a legal reason to stop recounts? or a political one?
A: Let's just say in all of American history and all of American law, this reason has no basis in law. But that doesn't stop the five conservatives from creating new law out of thin air.
Q: Aren't these conservative justices against judicial activism? A: Yes, when liberal judges are perceived to have done it.
Q: Well, if the December 12 deadline is not binding, why not count the votes?
A: The US Supreme Court, after admitting the December 12 deadline is not binding, set December 12 as a binding deadline at 10 p.m. on December 12.
Q: Didn't the US Supreme Court condemn the Florida Supreme Court for arbitrarily setting a deadline?
A: Yes.
Q: But, but –
A: Not to worry. The US Supreme Court does not have to follow laws it sets for other courts.
Q: So who caused Florida to miss the December 12 deadline?
A: The Bush lawyers who first went to court to stop the recount, the mob in Miami that got paid Florida vacations for intimidating officials, and the US Supreme Court for stopping the recount.
Q: So who is punished for this behavior?
A: Gore, of course.
Q: Tell me this: Florida's laws are unconstitutional, right?
A: Yes
Q: And the laws of 50 states that allow votes to be cast or counted differently are unconstitutional?
A: Yes. And 33 of those states have the "clear intent of the voter" standard that the US Supreme Court found was illegal in Florida.
Q: Then why aren't the results of 33 states thrown out?
A: Um. Supreme Court doesn't say...
Q: But if Florida's certification includes counts expressly declared by the US Supreme Court to be unconstitutional, we don't know who really won the election there, right?
A: Right. Though a careful analysis by the Miami Herald shows Gore won Florida by about 20,000 votes (excluding the butterfly ballot errors).
Q: So, what do we do, have a re-vote? Throw out the entire state? Count all ballots under a single uniform standard?
A: No. We just don't count the votes that favor Gore.
Q: That's completely bizarre! That sounds like rank political favoritism! Did the justices have any financial interest in the case?
A: Scalia's two sons are both lawyers working for Bush. Thomas's wife is collecting applications for people who want to work in the Bush administration.
Q: Why didn't they recuse themselves?
A: If either had recused himself, the vote would be 4-4, and the Florida Supreme Court decision allowing recounts would have been affirmed.
Q: I can't believe the justices acted in such a blatantly political way.
A: Read the opinions for yourself: (December 9 stay stopping the recount),
and (December 12 final opinion)
Q: So what are the consequences of this?
A: The guy who got the most votes in the US and in Florida and under our Constitution (Al Gore) will lose to America's second choice who won the all important 5-4 Supreme Court vote.
Q: I thought in a democracy, the guy with the most votes wins.
A: True, in a democracy. But America is not a democracy. In America, in the year 2000, the guy with the most US Supreme Court votes wins.
Q: Is there any way to stop the Supreme Court from doing this again?
A: YES. No federal judge can be confirmed without a vote in the Senate. It takes 60 votes to break a filibuster. If only 41 of the 50 Democratic Senators stand up to Bush and his Supremes and say that they will not approve a single judge appointed by him until a President can be democratically elected in 2004, the judicial reign of terror can end... and one day we can hope to return to the rule of law.
Q: What do I do now?
A: E-mail this to everyone you know, and write or call your senator, reminding him that Gore beat Bush by several hundred thousand votes (three times Kennedy's margin over Nixon) and that you believe that VOTERS rather than JUDGES should determine who wins an election by counting every vote. And to protect our judiciary from overturning the will of the people, you want them to confirm NO NEW JUDGES until 2004 when a president is finally chosen by most of the American people.

Ozone Hole

After reaching a record-breaking size in mid-September, the ozone hole over Antarctica has made a surprisingly hasty retreat, disappearing completely by November 19, NASA scientists said.

The ozone hole waxes and wanes with the seasons every year, slowly vanishing as the Southern Hemisphere reaches the peak of its summer. But this year the hole closed up earlier than in recent years; for the last three years the hole has lingered on well into December.

December 2,

Genetically-modified (GM) food has become a major health and environmental issue in the UK. It has sharply divided opinion, between those who believe the new technology will greatly enhance our lives and those who fear it will prove a scientific "advance" too far.

Amnesty International (AI) is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for human rights. AI's work is based on careful research and on the standards agreed by the international community. AI is independent of any government, political ideology, economic interest or religion. AI mobilizes volunteer activists in more than 140 countries and territories in every part of the world.

Globalization and Human Rights Uprisings in Indonesia and Nigeria, massive layoffs of miners in South Africa, and protests against child labor worldwide have all been reported as separate and distinct events. This primetime public television special explores how these and other current events are linked to the forces of "globalization," the economic engine that is transforming the world in its own image.

One World Net

Who wants to Forget?


November 2000

Endangered species

November 26

IMPACT! The first of several coronal mass ejections (CMEs) now en route to Earth hit our planet's magnetosphere around 0530 UT on Nov. 26th. The solar wind velocity registered by NASA's ACE spacecraft soared from 350 km/s to nearly 500 km/s as the shock wave passed by. As many as five more CMEs are on the way; they will likely arrive at intervals of 6 to 12 hours for the next two days.

November 24

Major Radio Energy Blackouts caused by Two huge Solar Flares

SOLAR FLARES: This morning, two powerful solar flares triggered an ongoing radiation storm around Earth. The eruptions from a sunspot group near the center of the Sun's visible disk also launched two coronal mass ejections toward our planet. Sky watchers should be alert for aurora when the CMEs strike Earth's magnetosphere later this weekend.

November 23

Thanksgiving November 2000 is a Political Turkey frozen in time's memory.

A roar of Silence floods over America......


............"Thinking about the broader and deeper aspects of American Values, our diversity and freedoom to be free from puritanical despots! To protect our environment and constitutional rights from the BUSH Clan!!".........Chat room

.....Making my blood run cold to imagine the Bushit Clan in control...... chat room

November 4

Previously unseen aspects of a light show in the sky known as an Earth Aura have been filmed from space.

October 2000

Global Update

Global emissions of CO2 reached a new high of nearly 23 900 million tonnes in 1996 - nearly four times the 1950 total.
Without the Montreal Protocol, levels of ozone-depleting substances would have been five times higher by 2050 than they are today.
In 1996, 25 per cent of the world's approximately 4630 mammal species and 11 per cent of the 9675 bird species were at significant risk of total extinction.
If present consumption patterns continue, two out of every three persons on Earth will live in water-stressed conditions by the year 2025.
More than half the world's coral reefs are potentially threatened by human activities, with up to 80 per cent at risk in the most populated areas.
Exposure to hazardous chemicals has been implicated in numerous adverse effects on humans from birth defects to cancer. Global pesticide use results in 3 to 5 MILLION acute poisonings a year.
Some 20 per cent of the world's susceptible drylands are affected by human-induced soil degradation, putting the livelihoods of more than a BILLION! people at risk.

October 20

Is human activity warming the Earth or do recent signs of climate change signal natural variations? In this feature article, scientists discuss the vexing ambiguities of our planet's complex and unwieldy climate.

October 11

Helping Ocean Algae Could Beat Greenhouse Effect

By Bill Rosato

LONDON (Reuters) - Scientists have ``fertilized'' the Southern Ocean to find out whether they could cut greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by stimulating the growth of algae that consume carbon dioxide, the journal Nature said on Wednesday. Oceanic algae or plankton draw carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and convert it into carbohydrates via photosynthesis. In 1990, U.S. scientist John Martin said iron availability limited the growth of plankton in the Southern Ocean and that fluctuating iron levels could cause global temperature changes.

Martin postulated that high iron levels would stimulate plankton growth, which in turn would remove greater amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere -- meaning that less warmth was trapped near the Earth by the greenhouse effect.
``Almost half of the photosynthesis on Earth is carried out by phytoplankton in the sea,'' Sallie Chisholm of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said in an accompanying article in Nature.
``These tiny cells play a huge part in the global carbon cycle and in regulating the climate by controlling the amount of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.''
To test the theories, Philip Boyd and colleagues from the New Zealand National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) added more than 8,600 kg (19,000 pounds) of an iron compound to a patch of the Southern Ocean.
``Increased iron supply led to elevated phytoplankton biomass (levels) and rates of photosynthesis in surface water, causing a large drawdown of carbon dioxide,'' Boyd said in Nature.
Previous theories held that for carbon dioxide to be removed, some of the plankton would have to sink into the deep ocean, taking it from the atmosphere for about 1,000 years, Chisholm said.
Due to the relatively short timescale of the Boyd experiment, ``there is no evidence that any of this carbon was exported to the deep ocean, as would be required for the drawdown of atmospheric carbon dioxide,'' Chisholm said.

Carbon Dioxide Removal Possible In Principle Despite Boyd's findings, another paper in Nature concluded that carbon dioxide from the atmosphere could be removed by iron fertilization.
``The experiment...confirms that modest sequestration of atmospheric carbon dioxide by artificial additions of iron to the Southern Ocean is in principle possible,'' Andrew Watson of the University of East Anglia in Britain said.
``It is probable that eventually there was removal of carbon from the surface layer, but how much and when is difficult to say because the ship could not stay with the bloom (of plankton) for the length of time needed to be sure,'' Watson told Reuters.
In a third paper, Edward Abraham from NIWA and colleagues showed that even a month after fertilization the plankton levels were elevated. A ``bloom'' of plankton 150 km (94 miles) long and four km wide was evident, Abraham said.
Despite the fact that iron fertilization could reduce greenhouse gas concentrations, Chisholm warns against it.
``Although seductive in its simplicity, in practice the idea would threaten the whole ocean ecosystem,'' Chisholm said.
``Artificial fertilization with iron would probably have many unintended side effects.''

October 10

Here comes the sun ...Again!!

Early this morning magnetic fields around sunspot AR9182 became unstable. A nearby solar filament explosively collapsed and a coronal mass ejection is now heading toward Earth. There could be aurora and other geomagnetic disturbances later this week when the leading edge of the CME hits our magnetosphere.

NASA News Radiation Alert Under Ozone Hole in Southern Chile
PUNTA ARENAS, Chile (Reuters) - A wide swath of southern Chile was on alert Monday as dangerous levels of ultraviolet radiation hit peaks because of the depletion of the protective ozone layer over the Antarctic.
Health authorities warned the 120,000 residents of this wool and fishing city -- one of the few populated areas beneath the ozone hole in the southern hemisphere -- not to go out in the sun during the day.

Our planet is heading for a minefield of cosmic dust streams laid down by periodic comet Tempel-Tuttle.
the prelude to more powerful storms in 2001 and 2002. Although Europeans and North Americans will have the best chance to spot Leonids activity this year, meteor watchers everywhere should be on the alert. Brief flurries of shooting stars could materialize over any part of the globe between local midnight and dawn on November 17th and 18th.

October 5

Lost in space: Are they stars -- or planets?

Eighteen giant balls of gas found drifting among the stars of the constellation Orion have astronomers debating: Are they orphaned planets or failed stars? Where did they come from? And what exactly is a planet, anyway?

      September 2000

September 29

The Global Extinction Crisis

A total of 11,046 species of plants and animals are threatened, facing a high risk of extinction in the near future, in almost all cases as a result of human activities. This includes 24 percent (one in four) of mammal species and 12 percent (one in eight) of bird species. The total number of threatened animal species has increased from 5,205 to 5,435.

5540 species!!!

This crisis is yet one more global alarm!
Add that to the rapid global warming, a major Ozone depleation hole over antartica and a maximum solar flare period.

We believe this is the Time to shift into Hi-Psi Grokking.
For those who are ready, the first step may be in gaining the awareness and experiencing the PSI-MIND.
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September 28

At 5:30 a.m. local time the planets Jupiter and Saturn, the red star Aldebaran, and the delicate Pleiades form an eye-catching rectangle nearly overhead at mid-northern latitudes.
It's enough to make hurried travelers forget their cell phones! Southbound motorists are likely to see the constellation Orion astride the southeastern horizon not far from low-hanging Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. Sirius is so bright that it's often mistaken for an airplane, but watch carefully. If it doesn't move it is probably the Dog Star.

September 16

No fewer than 3 coronal mass ejections appear to be heading toward Earth following solar eruptions on Friday and Saturday. The CMEs could trigger aurora at middle-latitudes when they arrive during the next few days.
Aurora Gallery, which includes photo settings that worked well during the geomagnetic storm of August 12, 2000.
Also, the bright Near-Earth asteroid 2000 RD53 will fly by our planet on September 17, barely 11 times farther away than the Moon.
Amateur astronomers with 8 inch or larger telescopes can spot the space rock as it zooms by. (Note: There is no relationship between the asteroid and the CMEs.)

La Niña has faded away, but will weather patterns change? Some scientists expect the Pacific Decadal Oscillation to pick up where La Niña left off.

September 8

The largest ozone hole ever observed has opened up over Antarctica, Nasa News

September 3

Recent Earthquakes in California.

End September 2000

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