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Abundant Gifts
given to us from the spirit
have allowed us to persue our dreams
of achieving spiritual harmony with this sacred land.

For centuries the indigious peoples living here
have manifested their culture through a deep abiding appreciation
for the Sonoran desert's beauty.

For us, this beauty transends human egotisical self-centeredness
The presence of Nature's natural beauty Frees up the Soul by touching one's World-Spirit so very deeply.
Its just a very natural "way" of living and learning that is indiginous to all of spirit's inspired Peoples from all over this sacred Planet.
Just go out side this evening and watch the sunset, slowly, peacefully and allow your own spiritually uplifting appreciation to "fly."

To be touched by Hir beauty
is to truly "see" Hir in all Hir Glory.

Our Sweat lodge prayer ties are always, in all ways, prepared with our best tears of Joy and a deep hearfelt desire for the well being of all creatures who strive to live in harmony and peace upon our Nurturer, Mother Earth.

Our Prayer from the Ancient Ones

"Mother of spirit and beauty hear our prayer,
Guide us who walk upon you to your heart of hearts.
Guide us into your loving embrace and allow us to Real Eyes your wisdom.
To live your Beauty."

Thank you for visiting our Sonoran desert Meditation Center.

We welcome you to our solitude and peaceful way. If you are interested in sharing your spiritual harmony, please establish a friendship with us and share your hopes,dreams and artistic visions.

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