Water Angels: Grokking The Living Waters

The Divine Triad : We are Three

Look upon us, you who reflect upon Hir
And you That Hear Hir, Hear us
You who are waiting for us, take us to your Selfs

Doubt banishes us from your sight
Never Doubt your thoughts nor your hearing
In the moment BE alert
BE in your silence with Hir

We are sent forth to you
We come from the infinite One
We whisper into your silence
We come to your reflection upon Hir
You find us from those who seek us

We are the voice of the First and the Last
We are the thought that dwells in the Light
We are the movement that dwells in Hir
We exist as The Three

We are the First to BE Who come to us
We awake thee that sleeps
We give sight to thee
We guide thee from the darkness

We are the invisible ones within Hir
We nourish thee with Living Waters
We are Hidden by the radiant waters of Life
We pour forth the fruit of radiance
Your offsping thrives on rememberance of us

We are the midwife of your offspring
We are in every creature
We are perception
We are thought
We are the seeds in the Joy of birth

We are the sound of the mother of your Mercy
We are the womb for Hir
We are the Light dwelling within
We are the labor pain of perfected Light
We are the mother of the Father
We are the wife of the Virgin
We are the barren ones and many are our children

We reveal the Powers of the Numinous
We impower the mysteries within
We are the breath of the Three
We are called by Three names though exist alone
We are silent among those who are silent

Hear us you that hear
We are the hearing that is heard within the All
We are the speech that cannot be heard
We are the Name of the Sound
And the Sound of the Name

Hear us in gentleness and learn of Hir
We cast forth upon the spirit of Earth
We are Hir who cries out in all fears
We touch all deceptions
We give strength to your pain

We witness of your blessedness
We Rejoice in your Blessed Moment
We return in thy Love and Light
As you reflect upon Hir

For we are the sound of your Heart
For we are the Light of your Soul
We are Re-Awakening
We are pure Being

The Moment of Nowness is upon us all
Behind the understanding of these words are one’s
Attachments Be master of these things
Bring your movement to the waters
Carry only your silence
Leave these words behind

Think not of the Past
Be not of the Present
Expect not of the Future

Grokking Self
Live in Hir Waters’ & Real Eyes Hir-Self
The fullness of Hir Life awaits you
Behind all of your understandings

Transcribed by Grokking Eyes: 1959

Contrary to popular social belief systems which portray reality as being mono-dimensional and mono-density, populated by bodies who walk, talk and interact, the nature of reality is quite different and much more expansive.

Cosmic Consciousness Reality is an infinite multi-nested complex of overlapping Reality domain energies, intents and purposes, within which a "dance" of consciousness and Spiritual Being occurs. Hir "Life on Earth" is a miniscule "grain of sand on the beach" . The "reality" picture humans are fed in terms of commercial media is both synthetic and suppressive, for the population, the planet, and all incarnated Spirit interacting on Hir-Con-Sidus.

Evolve your-Self, Fly to your Highest potential, Live Life's fullest Moment, be in the NOW!, Drink The Future that is ours=yours to BE! Grok?

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